From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation

27 April 2023

  • From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation
  • From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation
  • From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation
  • From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation
  • From Shurikens to Porsches: Driving Innovation

It takes talent to transform creative concepts into actual, high-quality designs. Imagine the exhilarating fusion of creativity, innovation, and sheer determination propelling two young aspiring designers from Limkokwing University to reach for the stars!

Fueled by their ingenuity and passion, Jiang YiChen from China and Dalia Hussein Ali Abdullah from Yemen, both final year students of Limkokwing University’s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Industrial Design, triumphed in the “Art of Wheels – Rim Design Challenge 2022,” securing their spots among the top 7 finalists.

The competition required the students to design custom alloy rims for Porsche owners based on the client’s requests. Their designs needed to pass rigorous quality control before being showcased at the prestigious Malaysia Auto Show 2023 under MITI, Malaysia’s first auto fashion show. This challenge was undoubtedly daunting, but the students rose to the occasion.

Dalia Hussein Ali Abdullah, one of the finalists, drew inspiration from the shuriken or ninja star for her design. She seamlessly translated the characteristics of the shuriken into her rim design. She reflected that “this idea of the shuriken came across my mind; the more I searched about it, the more convinced I was. Because the shuriken has a unique design, it is fast, lightweight, and moves smoothly when thrown. And these exactly are the characteristics I wanted to have in my rim design.”

In overcoming challenges in design innovation and technical 3D modelling for the competition, Dalia sought guidance from her lecturers. Her final design perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality, reflecting the luxury, elegance, and power synonymous with the Porsche 911 4s. Her experience in the competition broadened her perspective on the immense possibilities within industrial design and fueled her desire to explore more opportunities in the future.

Khairul Anwar Tumingan, one of the judges for the competition, is also the students’ lecturer at Limkokwing University. He believed their achievements were a testament to the efficacy of the university’s programme in nurturing students to become outstanding designers. He champions the significance of students engaging in contests such as the wheel rim design challenge, as it enriches their learning experience and bolsters their employability prospects. “It’s very important, not only for them to win the prizes, but participating in such a design competition is very good for their portfolio, especially when they finish their studies. It will look good for their future career,” he added.

The Art of Wheels – Rim Design Challenge 2022, a collaboration between Giant Light Metal Technology Malaysia (GLM) and My Lives Global Marketing & Event, aimed to celebrate the best of art and engineering in the automotive industry. The top 10 winners had their designs turned into alloy rims and fitted onto selected Porsche 911 and 718 models, a mark of their skill and creativity.

As the curtain falls on events like the Art of Wheels – Rim Design Challenge 2022, we are left in awe of the remarkable talent and creativity that the new generation brings to the automotive design industry. These young visionaries, fueled by their dreams and guided by the wisdom of seasoned mentors, have left an indelible mark on the world of design. The future is undoubtedly bright for these trailblazers, and we can’t wait to see the revolutionary innovations they will contribute to the ever-evolving design landscape.

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