Limkokwing receives 23 Telly and Communicator Awards

22 August 2017

Limkokwing receives 23 Telly and Communicator Awards

Limkokwing University has recently won a total of 10 additional awards – six for videos and four for web.

A total of 23 awards were accumulated which consist of 11 Telly Awards and 12 Communicator Awards, for the University and its partners. 

Under Communicator Awards’ Video category, Limkokwing University received the Silver Awards for ‘Videography/Cinematography’ and ‘Use of Music’ for Limkokwing Cultural Festival 2016.

The official website of Limkokwing Cultural Festival has also garnered several recognitions from the Communicator Awards, specifically the Silver Awards for the following categories: ‘Cultural’, ‘Events’, ‘Video or Moving Image’ and ‘Photography or Images’.

Simultaneously, the 2016 Limkokwing African Campuses’ Graduation ceremonies brought back several recognitions from the Telly Awards, which include the Bronze Awards in four categories: ‘Educational Institution’, ‘Use of Music’, ‘Editing’, and ‘Live Events’.

Limkokwing University’s collaboration with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has also earned a total of nine awards six for videos and three for web. Limkokwing University’s SADC Summit 2016 video won the Silver Awards for ‘Documentary’ and ‘Use of Graphics’ from the Communicator Awards, as well as the Bronze Awards for ‘Documentary’ and ‘Editing’ from the Telly Awards.

Likewise, the SADC website won the Silver Awards for the categories of ‘Government’, ‘Associations’, and ‘Visual Appeal – Aesthetics’ ; while the SADC Music Video received the Silver Award for ‘Audio/Sound Design’ from the Communicator Awards and the Bronze Award for ‘Editing’ from the Telly Awards.

In addition, the University’s involvement with Zoo Negara Malaysia (National Zoo of Malaysia) has earned four awards from the Telly Awards for the video ‘7 Wonders of Flora and Fauna’. These are Bronze Awards for ‘Videography/Cinematography’, ‘Nature/Wildlife’, ‘Use of Graphics’, and ‘Editing’.

Limkokwing University prides itself on nurturing creativity and innovation which are exhibited through various media platforms. This involvement further benefits students via industry exposure where they gain experience and networking opportunities.

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