Malooase Nyamane-Sefika – Making her mark in the world of business @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Malooase Nyamane-Sefika – Making her mark in the world of business

2 January 2023

Malooase Nyamane-Sefika – Making her mark in the world of business

Meet Ms. Maloose Nyamane-Sefika, a young professional from Mapoteng, Berea who has found a forté in the business world as an insurance coverage professional.

Please give us a brief introduction about yourself?

“I am Malooase Nyamane – Sefika, a bubbly and kind-hearted individual. I studied BA(Hons) in International Business at Limkokwing University Lesotho. After graduating, I was able to enrol and study the Young Insurance Professional Programme with London School of Insurance through Africa Reinsurance.”

Take us through your journey as a young professional?

“I am currently working as an underwriter at Alliance Insurance Group Holdings – responsible for evaluating insurance applications and determining coverage; deciding on whether to provide insurance (Accept or Decline Risk) and under what terms. I am an expert at providing technical assistance and guidance on the underwriting of policies. I have 9 years’ experience in handling underwriting businesses from enquiry, quotation, acceptance and right through to endorsement. As a young professional; I always provide clients with a high-quality personal service. Moreover, I am always willing to be judged on the results that I deliver while still learning new things each day.”

Where do you source your drive and motivation?

“Possessing a strong desire to deliver world class services and to make a significant and immediate impact on any operations is my biggest motivation. I set goals for myself and work hard towards achieving them. I am a highly ambitious person with big dreams for my future.  Achieving the set goals and the company’s budget is also where I source my drive. My aspiration is to have a fulfilling life. A life full of learning and knowledge which will make my life better. As a young Professional, I want to achieve most of my dreams while simultaneously strengthening my acquired skills, experience and ability, I want exposure and challenges.”

Any final words to Limkokwing students?

“I would like to encourage every Limkokwing students to dream “big”; to be whoever they wish to be because “Some of the greatest rewards they‘ll ever achieve come from doing what no one else is doing; to keep doing what sets them apart. It delivers relevant curriculum which provides learners with the skills they require to thrive throughout their careers.”

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