Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic & Web Design (3+0)

Faculty of Design Innovation JPT/BPP(K) (KA9249) 10/15

Awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, UK

The worldwide web has become an inseparable element of our living. A growing medium that has not only captivated the young and tech-savvy, it is now an essential tool in business and in day-to-day living.

With the growth being so rapid, there is a constant demand for skilled human capital with the right knowledge and awareness to take up a range of roles within this field.

The degree programme equips students with a systematic grounding in the use of XHTML and CSS, hand-coding and the preparation of images for the web, moving image for the web, dynamic content, and the application of web design across a range of professional and commercial contexts.

Advanced modules address the requirements of professional web design projects, and explore innovative and radical approaches to web communication.

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