Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Crystal Koh

Crystal Koh

Branding and Communications Senior Manager, 2013
Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) in collaboration with Curtin University of Technology, Australia

The first step is always difficult, but if you just get moving, you build momentum and you can improvise along the way. If you never take that first step, you will never do anything.

16 July 2013

Flying High

Written by Onalethata Mogale

Crystal has always been a high-flier, receiving a Young Achiever’s Award upon her graduation in 2005. She graduated from Limkokwing University with a degree in Mass Communication, and says Limkokwing University’s reputation has greatly assisted her when she first joined the industry.

“I joined Limkokwing because of its reputation. When I graduated from high school, and I was sourcing around for colleges, Limkokwing came across as one of the most reputable colleges,” she says.

She says after she was looking for a job as a fresh graduate, she had an advantage over her competitors from other colleges because Limkokwing University is well known in the industry as a hub of creativity.

Creativity and diversity is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Limkokwing University, she says.

After graduation, she joined the hotel line as a Public Relations and Marketing Executive for a year, and then she moved to another leading hotel where she worked as a liaison between the hotel and the media and external stakeholders for four years.

She joined GroupMAD about two years ago, and says what she learnt in Limkokwing University still applies to her job today, because as a student she was exposed to practical assignments which involved working with industry people a lot.

“When we had to go out and do our assignments, we had to know how to contact the right people and how to work with them, and that really helped, because what I am doing right now in GroupMAD is all about communicating with external stakeholders and clients.”

As a Branding and Communications Senior Manager, she handles branding and Public Relations portfolios, dealing with a accounts for a lot of high end companies. She also does strategic planning, and she is mostly involved in the company’s business community, taking care of clients from the property, lifestyle, as and education sectors.

Limkokwing University has also enriched her personal knowledge, as she says she got to meet people from different parts of the world, and gained an international mindset.

“I knew that Limkokwing would give me a good experience because of its diversity.  I got to be exposed to a very diverse culture and I believe now I know more about the world.”

She believes her educational background has helped her score the top jobs at places she has worked, and now she is happy to be working for a company that nurtures and encourages the staff to be leaders and entrepreneurs.

Her advice to graduates who are about to enter the industry is to find a mentor, because she believes it is easier when you have someone to help you and encourage you through your journey. She also encourages them to be bold and takes the first step towards their dreams and aspirations. She says:

“The first step is always difficult, but if you just get moving, you build momentum and you can improvise along the way. If you never take that first step, you will never do anything.”


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