Ali Imad Hassan Daoudi from Jordan @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Ali Imad Hassan Daoudi from Jordan

24 April 2017

Ali Imad Hassan Daoudi wanted to study at a university where he could be able to express his creative freedom that is why he chose Limkokwing University.

“I thought my creativity will be more appreciated here. I wanted a University where learning is not only attributed to just reading textbooks. My decision to study in Limkokwing turned out so well for me, because I do more extracurricular activities than I hoped for.”

Avant-Garde Education Method

Ali believes Limkokwing University’s method of education should be implemented by other institutions of higher learning.

“The method of teaching here is great, because we are given freedom to do whatever we want in regards to ideas, concepts and projects. You can get your idea across in a page instead of 20 pages.”

He mentioned that the extracurricular activities he’s taken part in benefitted him a lot. “I gained a lot of exposure; I’ve been on newspapers, billboards and so on.”

“My project management skills have improved a lot. Working with student ambassadors, I got to see how events work up close, also learned how to interact with people and set everything up from scratch.”

WhiteNoise Project

One of Ali’s greatest achievements in Limkokwing was taking part in an award winning documentary on human trafficking.

The documentary was titled ‘Modern Day Slavery: What the world doesn’t know,’ and was made up of students from around the world who shared their knowledge on the issue of human trafficking.

“We were on Star Magazine, a Korean newspaper, covers of 3 other magazines across Europe. It was shared by well-known directors and really kicked off on Twitter, so that was really great.”

Harnessing Passion in Music

“Limkokwing University also gave me the platform to enhance my passion in music. I got to perform in front of a large crowd during graduation and at Pavilion for 3,000 people. I’m surrounded by musicians, we have a music studio that’s easily accessible to students. Even though I study business I’m still able to record my songs.”

A Door to Golden Opportunities

“Being a student goodwill ambassador helped me a great deal musically, because I joined the choir. I got go perform at high privilege places, I met the Sultan and Sultanah, so that is pretty cool.”

During a student ambassador visit Ali went to Taman Negara and shortly afterwards he scored a job as part of the marketing team. “I became the first foreign ranger from Limkokwing, which is one my list of achievements.”


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