Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
James Wong

James Wong

Project Manager, 2016
Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design (Visual Communication)

Failure is the only friend you will have for a long time. Stick to it as your guiding principle, and learn from it as you grow.

16 May 2016

Ingenious Intellect

James Wong is an accomplished project manager at MedBirdie Co Ltd; A company that works with industry leading pedagogists, to develop the most effective and comprehensive teaching solutions available on the market.

Wong enrolled for a Bachelor of Design (Hons) Professional Design (Visual Communication) while studying in Limkokwing University and graduated in 2010.

On why he chose Limkokwing University he said “Growing up in a multi-racial country, my top priority was finding an institution within a nation that embraces diversity and Malaysia is one such place.”

“Limkokwing University has succeeded creating an environment that welcomes students from all over the world. Choosing it as my place of study is a decision I’ll never regret, to this day I have friends from over 32 countries.”

The journey of his career started when he became a software/business analyst which garnered him accomplishments he’s most proud of; he participated in talks with the public sector, gave professional opinions to prominent public figures. It was not long until he ventured into major IT projects spearheaded by ministries under the Government of Hong Kong.

In today’s globalised world, the fuse of culture has become crucial for any industry; one has to have the ability to communicate across cultures, lead, think creatively and negotiate efficiently, these are skills James honed at Limkokwing University.

“Limkokwing University is a place of innovation, learning and camaraderie. We are encouraged to take risk, to fail, to get up and become stronger. It is a place where breakthroughs and innovation excel with every student intake,” he said.

James line of work gives him the chance to touch two public sectors that have direct influence over society, and which he has always had a constant will to help.

“When you are young, financial and career success comes fast. And just as it’s easy for you to make your first million, to lose it is equally easy. One should focus on riches that cannot be bought with money.”

Currently at MerdBirdie Co Ltd, James is tasked to lead and develop systems that will enhance and revolutionalise the Education and Health industry.

“The Education and Healthcare industries are critical pillars of the society, if any of them fail to progress with time of the current generation, gaps will appear and these will cause unrest in a country’s population,” said James.

On giving advice to students who are looking to pursue careers in his line of work James Wong said, “If you’re afraid of failure, don’t even think of joining the tech industry.”

“The tech industry landscape is constantly changing; failure is the only friend you will have for a long time. Choose a motto. Stick to it as your guiding principle but do let it evolve with you as you grow.”

James mentioned he already has a roadmap of his future projects for the coming 12 months, which he considers as a substantial milestone for the next year and beyond. He is devoted to his career and his team of professionals who rely on his day to day judgment.


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