Heal The World @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Heal the World - A peace initiative developed by Limkokwing University and UNICEF as a global effort to make peace a reality for individuals from war-torn countries

Heal The World

Heal the World is a peace and outreach initiative spearheaded by Limkokwing University students to promote compassion and social awareness through campaigns and fundraising activities for the most pressing global concerns.

In partnership with UNICEF, the initiative was launched in 2009 with the song 'Let's Heal the World,' composed and sung by the Limkokwing International Choir.

Heal the World CD
Youssouf Oomar

“Tan Sri can inspire me and you to do more and to do better. Partnering with Limkokwing University is partnering with people who mean business. We want to work with people who are working differently in a world that is changing rapidly. We want to work with people that are innovative, people that are creative.”

Youssouf Oomar UNICEF Representative, Malaysia and UNICEF Special Representative, Brunei MOA signing between UNICEF and Limkokwing University, September 2009


The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was created by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946, to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II. In 1953, UNICEF became a permanent part of the United Nations System and is currently headquartered in New York City. UNICEF provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

Partnership between UNICEF and Limkokwing
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