Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at the Aset Kayamas Prize Giving Ceremony @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at the Aset Kayamas Prize Giving Ceremony

7 December 2023

  • Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at the Aset Kayamas Prize Giving Ceremony
  • Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at the Aset Kayamas Prize Giving Ceremony
  • Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at the Aset Kayamas Prize Giving Ceremony

The Aset Kayamas Prize Giving Ceremony recently illuminated the creative talents of Limkokwing University students. The event, marked by enthusiasm and groundbreaking ideas, showcased a unique partnership between Aset Kayamas, a leading industry player, and the diverse student body of Limkokwing University.

Khoo Chong Kien, the General Manager of Aset Kayamas, expressed his admiration for the students’ creativity and practicality in design. His emphasis on the uniqueness of the students’ ideas highlighted Aset Kayamas’ commitment to fostering innovation. “Their creativity stood out distinctly, combined with practical and special ideas like the double-layer bridge decks,” he said. Chong Kien, an engineer with a decade-long tenure at Aset Kayamas, underscored the company’s tradition of nurturing young talent and its plans to incorporate student designs into real projects.

Vaizhnawi Vadivelu, a BA Interior Architecture student, shared her journey from apprehension to triumph. Her role as a 2D drawer was pivotal in bringing the design to life, symbolising her team’s hard work. “I joined as a 2D drawer, and seeing our design potentially being built in Malaysia is incredibly rewarding,” she explained. Vaizhnawi’s experience exemplifies the balance between academic responsibilities and practical project engagement, underscoring the real-world applicability of her studies.

Sonialetchumy Selvamani, a Marketing student, echoed the sentiment of unexpected success and the value of interdisciplinary learning. “We worked hard, and winning the grand prize was beyond our expectations,” she said. Her role as a business analyst in the project illuminated the intersection of marketing and design, providing her with invaluable industry insights.

Dalia Hussein Abdullah from Yemen, pursuing Industrial Design, highlighted the challenge of juggling an internship with the project. “Balancing an internship with this project was tough, but it was a great learning curve,” she noted, illustrating the commitment required in such endeavours. Dalia Hussein’s determination in the face of linguistic and logistical barriers underlined the diversity and resilience within the team.

Mame Soce Diop, an Engineering student from Senegal, reflected on overcoming personal struggles and language barriers. “The project showed me that I can show up for myself, even in tough times,” Diop shared, highlighting the personal growth accompanying academic challenges. Diop’s journey was a testament to perseverance, echoing the transformative power of participation in such projects.

Anas Shafiq from Pakistan, who studies creative multimedia, sheds light on the challenges of working across time zones and the dedication required to bring a vision to fruition. “Every meeting was a challenge, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said, revealing the dedication behind the project’s success. His experience illustrated the global nature of modern teamwork.

Mohd Eric Quek Bin Mohd Pele Quek, another Creative Multimedia student, spoke of the technical challenges encountered and the significant impact such a project could have on his future career prospects. “I think it’s important because we can collaborate with the relevant industry so that the students have an open door to seek opportunities,” he said.

Janice Nang, the Dean of the Faculty of Business & Communication and mentor of the winning team, provided a deeper insight into the dynamics of the diverse group. She emphasized the students’ resilience, the unique blend of introvert and extrovert traits, and the importance of pushing beyond comfort zones. “They came from different faculties and countries, which initially presented a challenge in communication and collaboration,” she explained. Janice’s mentorship was instrumental in guiding the team through emotional ups and downs, instilling confidence and a sense of pride in their abilities.

The ceremony underscored the significance of partnerships between academic institutions and industry leaders. It wasn’t just about winning designs but about preparing students for the real world, fostering innovation, and opening doors to new possibilities. Each participant, whether from Malaysia, Yemen, Senegal, or Pakistan, brought a unique perspective, contributing to a rich tapestry of creativity.

As Khoo Chong Kien aptly noted, the event was a stepping stone for Aset Kayamas’s continuous pursuit of innovative concepts. “This collaboration with Limkokwing University has been an eye-opener. We’re excited to see how these fresh perspectives can be integrated into our future projects.”

The students, through their diverse backgrounds and collaborative efforts, have not only carved a niche for themselves but also paved the way for future collaborations that bridge the gap between academia and industry.

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