Pre-University Foundation Programme @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Pre-University Foundation Programme

Faculty of Multimedia Creativity

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia pioneers the Pre-University Foundation Programme (PreU). Since 1992, hundreds of our PreU students have graduated and moved on into numerous overseas and local universities.

The PreU is specifically designed to prepare students with Year 11/O’ Level qualification for entering directly into a university degree programme. Such a programme is a common place among the Australian and Malaysian universities.

This programme is also appropriate for those who do not have the academic background or experience to allow them direct entry into a particular University degree programme.

The course will provide a fundamental understanding of concepts and principles of how an organization works such as market structure, production, advertising, design and multimedia techniques etc.

This will be the basis for students to develop their interest in real life applications in the field they wish to pursue. The Foundation Programme also offers creative studies that train students in presentation skills, taking notes in class, managing time, sourcing for information, critical thinking skills, etc. This equips students with study skills and helps them adapt to life in college.

Students will find that many of the traditional restraints of high school are lacking in the PreU. Staff and students relate freely on a mature and personal basis. An atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect offers students a maximum of personal freedom while maintaining the guidance required to encourage self-discipline.

Excellence in education is our goal. Our standards are high, and our programmes are designed to help you aim high, too. The professional faculty is dedicated to students both in and out of the classroom. Our PreU faculty strives to engage students in a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them and challenge them to pursue a lifelong love of learning. Limkokwing seeks to be a great learning place to be, always.

We also seek to enable students to reflect upon moral and critical issues, and to develop their concern for the welfare of others.

The most important benefit that you can gain from your studies in Limkokwing is the ability to think critically, to reason soundly, to imagine creatively and to communicate effectively – essential skills in the world today.

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