The Campaign

The Ebola epidemic requires the education of all Sierra Leoneans to take precautionary measures in their daily lives. This campaign is to complement the efforts of both government and NGOs to educate the laymen to take the necessary steps to stay safe. It will position the government as a partner to the campaign under the recommended title of National Action Plan For Ebola Eradication.

The campaign is pegged to the slogan STOP EBOLA as the battle cry to rally people and boost morale that through their participation this deadly disease can be overcome.

The words STOP EBOLA are central to the intention of the campaign. It has a positive ring and also creates a sense of urgency as well as control. This fits in well with the umbrella platform proposed for the government which is the National Action Plan For Ebola Eradication.

The campaign is created to use all media from electronic, print and outdoor communications to ensure every citizen is reached.

The campaign messages serve to educate the public on what they must do to protect themselves and will be disseminated through radio, television, flyers, car stickers, posters, T-shirts and billboards.