Parwez Wazin s/o Ahmad Fahim from Afghanistan

4 February 2017

Parwez Wazin s/o Ahmad Fahim from Afghanistan

Parwez from Afghanistan is in his final year of the Bachelor of Engineering programme. He said one reason that made it easier for him to choose civil engineering as a profession is the fact that it is a diverse field and offers a wide range of activities across a variety of disciplines.

The Most International University

“Studying in an international university is surely the greatest opportunity a student can ever experience. Here in Limkokwing University we get the chance to learn about different cultures, which encourages networking.”

Parwez compared the University environment to having a family. He said being on campus is like being home far away from home. “The lecturers and staff are friendly, and they’ll always go out of their way to assist students.”

Smart Learning

“Limkokwing University’s method of teaching is great, because your mind gets opened to limitless creativity.”

Before joining Limkokwing Parwez studied in India where he mentioned the education system was tough for students to comprehend.

“I did not like studying there, because it was really tough and I felt it’s the wrong way of teaching, because students’ creativity is suppressed. In Limkokwing you are taught to study smart. You can be creative when your mind is free and independent. Minds here are kept fresh.”

Personal Growth

“Being in an entirely unfamiliar environment enabled me to really learn about and what I’m capable of. I became more independent, and my social skills improved tremendously because of interacting and making friends from countries all over the world.”

Parwez said when studying at Limkokwing one gets a full scope of what the emerging trends and opportunities are without having to travel all over the world.

“At Limkokwing you get a cultural immersion that shows you opportunities present in other countries that you otherwise would have never known about.”

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