Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Moreblessing Shumba

Moreblessing Shumba

Assistant Manager , 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

“The University has opened my eyes to the world. At Limkokwing, one can become anything, because we are given the platform to shine.”

10 January 2017

Moreblessing Shumba: Adept Talent Development Manager

Born in Zimbabwe, Moreblessing Shumba was seventeen years old when she first came to Malaysia to pursue her tertiary education in 2009. She joined Limkokwing University under the Bachelor of Interior Architecture and graduated in 2013.

She now works as an assistant manager at the University’s Brand, Creativity and Talent Development. “I work with students, during events and activities. I also specialise in content creation, media and public relations.”

Collaborating with media about events, developments and activities on campus, Moreblessing is one of the crucial channels through which Limkokwing University builds its presence in Malaysia and around the world.

Since enrolling at the University Moreblessing has been on a journey of self-discovery and improvement.

“The University has opened my eyes to the world. One of the dreams that I had when I was young was to work for the United Nations and change the world through good deeds by seeing beyond race, religion and tribalism.”

Moreblessing said the University gave her something a little closer to her dreams, because she works with people from all over the globe on a daily basis.

Initially she wanted to pursue a career in architecture, because she wanted to change people’s lives with her creativity. “If someone would invest in my architectural work, it would remain with them all the days of their lives as memories, and that means a lot to me.”

Things took an unexpected turn when Moreblessing realised her talents were set for a different career path. “Architecture was a lot more challenging than I thought and I definitely had to find a way out. I gave myself a voice, because I was very good in presentations, so during class I would give them a 100 percent.”

During her fourth semester, she began working as a student ambassador. When she graduated she represented her class, country and continent as a student speaker at the ceremony. “I spoke in front of thousands of people on my graduation day. Up to this day, people come to me and tell me that they love my story. That in itself is an achievement.”

Moreblessing was absorbed by the University’s Internship programme and began working full-time after graduating.

On skills she learned at Limkokwing University, she mentioned being able to showcase talents she never thought existed. “I have become an all-rounder. I have actually done a number of things apart from architecture. I danced, sang, recorded songs, written articles, and became a public speaker as well as a leader. At Limkokwing, one can become anything, because we are given the platform to shine.”

One of her greatest achievements include recording a song for the 36th SADC Summit held in Swaziland. “We recorded the song on campus with other students from the 14 member states of the Southern Africa Development Committee.”

“Projects come on a daily basis, because we are basically involved in most if not every project that happens in the University.”

Moreblessing’s definition of success is how many people’s lives she has actually changed or left a mark in.

“It’s never about getting money or being rich. If all the people I’ve met in Limkokwing, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, or generally in life, still remember what I have imparted in them in a positive way, then that’s my success.”

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