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Owing to the fact that geographically, Swaziland is nearly completely surrounded by South Africa with a slight boundary shared with Mozambique. This coupled with the shared climatic conditions blossoms in their dishes exhibiting some similar flavours. The staple diet of Swaziland is maize, or mealie meal (pap), beans and groundnuts that are made into porridge usually served with stewed seasonal vegetables and local meats like goat or antelope.

One of the local favourites is a dish known as “chicken dust”, which includes grilled chicken, fresh salad, and pap. This is sometimes accompanied by a mango chutney flavoured with chillies and lemon juice and an avocado-ginger slaw. A huge selection of top class cuisine is featured at hotels, safari lodges and at local restaurants in popular tourist areas like Ezulwini, Malkerns, Manzini and Mbabane. Fresh seafood is often brought in from nearby Mozambique.

Other international food available includes Indian, German, Swiss and French.

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Karoo Roast Ostrich Steak

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Beef Biltong

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