Arzuan bin Anuar: Film Director Tipped for the Top @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Arzuan bin Anuar: Film Director Tipped for the Top

4 July 2022

  • Arzuan bin Anuar: Film Director Tipped for the Top
  • Arzuan bin Anuar: Film Director Tipped for the Top

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and plunged industries into uncertainty, digital transformation in film was nothing new and had already begun a process of change and adaptation over the last several years. Now, 2022 and beyond trends such as The Internet Revolution: small budget, short form, and the rise of streaming; Netflix production budgets; the role of crowdfunding to mention a few, are rapidly on the rise.

Arzuan bin Anuar, known as Alet, is currently the Producer and Director of Spaceboy Studios Sdn Bhd – a creative studio that offers forward, technologically savvy and current production styles and quality for all kinds of markets and objectives.

“In the beginning we were doing mainly live multiple camera production, commercial, and corporate videos. I mainly come out with ideas to be further developed with our clients from start to finish.”

Alet is presently working on an exciting teenage cartoon ‘Tales Down Below’ which he says started in 2018.

“Tales Down Below is a comedy series about two skeletons working together at The Mart with Tok Mart and his daughter Haylee. At the moment Kekasih is one of my favourite projects because we got to work on our first real SFX, turning our veteran actor Nasir Bilal Khan into a half-man half-bird in a white doctor suit.”

In 2014, Alet worked on two experimental short films with a fellow Limkokwing student Diffan Sina Norman that was selected to Sundance in 2014 and 2020. “This was a good way to allow the younger generation to create edgy content and take opportunities by participating in any international festivals to build their reputation.”

His proudest achievement to date is participating at the Sundance Film Festival 2020 and recently being in Annecy Animation Festival 2022 in France.

Alet acknowledges that when covid hit they were faced with challenges including losing projects however they managed to recover by applying for a government grant for their second IP and have survived since.

“Try and never give up. Chill with the ego just be a sponge when you are a student,” Alet gives a word of advice to students who want to pursue a successful career in film.

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