Kevin Vimal: Delivering accurate and relevant news for the people @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Kevin Vimal: Delivering accurate and relevant news for the people

16 August 2022

Kevin Vimal: Delivering accurate and relevant news for the people

From attending and covering press conferences and relevant events by the Chief Minister to converting them into written materials for online and publication, Kevin Vimal’s role as a Assistant Information Unit Officer pretty much covers all that a journalist does.

The Limkokwing University alumnus currently works for the Penang government’s bilingual newspaper called Buletin Mutiara. The company has one mission: to deliver accurate and relevant news for readers in Penang and throughout Malaysia.

The paper highlights the state’s achievements, be it infrastructure, housing, road works, or education. “My part is to write hard/soft news to inform readers of the progress and status, while also handling various social media platforms, from Twitter, Facebook to Instagram,” Kevin shares. “I am also responsible for preparing work schedules for my colleagues.” 

“We have successfully helped the state to widen its exposure, especially all the developments surrounding it, which also serves as a benefit to the people,” Kevin adds. “We help industry experts, professionals or anyone for that matter, especially those hailing from Penang, to inform people of their success stories.”

Kevin graduated with a Bachelors in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Broadcasting & Journalism from Limkokwing University. The combination of experienced and compassionate lecturers, alongside state-of-the-art facilities and creative approaches, enabled Kevin said to excel in the area of journalism and broadcasting. “I have learned to communicate better, while boosting my confidence in writing,” he says.

One of Kevin’s favourite things about his job is interviewing Penangites who have made it big in the industry. “I am able to tell stories that can help to inspire and motivate aspiring individuals in their respective fields. I have interviewed many Penangites – from dental surgeons, curators, chefs, homemade bakers and many others,” he says. 

Just a few years ago, Kevin interviewed Christine Das, a famous wildlife conservation artist. “She shared her artworks which were created purely based on her personal connection with Mother Earth. Her good fight is for the preservation of our natural heritage which is our wildlife and rainforests,” Kevin says. He also wrote stories about Datuk Dr Marina Lalitha David, a dental surgeon and Penang Botanic Gardens Outgoing Curator, Datuk Dr Saw Leng Guan.

Kevin hopes to take on bigger responsibilities within the content creation department for online, print and social media sites. “I want people to know more about what Penang, as one of the smallest states in Malaysia, can offer through various specialties. Being a state so rich in heritage, art and culture, there’s simply a lot of things for people to know,” he says.


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