Mouhannad Alshamali: Engineering the future of software @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Mouhannad Alshamali: Engineering the future of software

18 August 2022

Mouhannad Alshamali: Engineering the future of software

Mouhannad Alshamali has always been curious about the deconstruction of complex objects into little pieces and tries to understand the mechanics of it.

“I always knew that I had passion towards technology and futuristic concepts. However, I believe my passion truly materialised during the third semester of my Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia degree at Limkokwing University, when we had to build a simple interactive single page presentation with HTML, CSS and Javascript,” Mouhannad shares.

Today, the Limkokwing alumnus is the Co-founder and CTO at Orgtomic, building the software infrastructure to support the future of work and unlock the potential of distributed talent. Orgtomic provides an integrated Organisation Chart, People Directory and Skills Map for actionable insight and discovery across businesses.

The company aims to empower growth companies with accessible, reliable and easy to use discovery layers to map their workforce skills and distributed talent in the new remote/hybrid world of work. “Our vision is to ensure large enterprises will have no choice but to adapt and fully reinvent their legacy people-technology infrastructure within the next 5 to 7 years,” Mouhannad says.

Mouhannad and his team are now expanding Orgtomic’s skills taxonomies to empower staff members and leadership teams to understand the fabric of their organisation based on tangible competencies. In return, this helps leaders identify gaps and align their hiring strategy towards that north star each growth startup is aiming to become.

Mouhannad’s final year project at Limkokwing was the highlight of his education. That year, he worked on a project involving a regular hoodie being transformed into an interactive responsive garment using a flexible led matrix, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

“My supervisor at the time allowed me to expand the scope of my project within reason and helped direct me to great materials around circuitry and portable embedded hardware that I then applied my skill in software to integrate the garment and give it a number of interactive functions that made my project come to life,” he shares.

From giving a technical talk at Microsoft Malaysia to co-founding Orgtomic, Mouhannad’s list of achievements are endless. “But the one achievement that I am mostly proud of was overhearing my parents talking to each other, without them knowing that I was just around the corner and saying the words “I am very proud of our son”, Mouhannad says.


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