Learning Financial Strategies with Ali Zaidi

9 July 2017

Learning Financial Strategies with Ali Zaidi

Limkokwing Swaziland welcomed African Alliance Financial Asset Manager and Analyst Ali Zaidi to share tips, trends, and opportunities of the finance industry.

African Alliance is an investment banking group operating in Africa. They provide local and on-the-ground investment on banking services such as assessment management, corporate finance, stock broking, research, private equity, and third part administration across the African continent.

Students from the Faculty of Business and Globalisation got the opportunity to learn firsthand on how to excel in finance. They learned about assets, stock exchange, bonds, and private equity.

Zaidi based his explanations based on real life case studies to make it easier for students to relate what they have learned in class to shifts that are currently occurring in the finance sector on a local and global scale.

At intervals, Zaidi gave out cash prizes to students who gave him the most accurate answers about the local and South African fiscal budgets, repo, and inflation rates.

Relating to his experience Zaidi explained it is imperative that he is always up-to-date about global developments which may impact financial markets. He said to achieve this, he reads a lot, but is very selective about the topics he reads.

He encouraged students to do the same, so that they maximise relevant knowledge related to the fields they are in. He also urged them to always have a personal viewpoint about the topics they read about, because it will help build their ability to predict scenarios in their sectors before they happen.

“Keenly develop competence in using advanced financial software, because these are highly valuable in the financial sector. In addition to a suitable academic qualification, companies are also looking for employees who can add value through practical skills and experience.”

Before ending the lecture, Zaidi advised students on some of the financial investment vehicles African Alliance can expose them to. In closing, Zaidi thanked the University for the opportunity to be a guest lecturer and encouraged students to manage their time efficiently, and to be seriously involved in all career-related activities.

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