Kong Dalin: Pioneering a Path in Cambodia’s Commercial Photography @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Kong Dalin: Pioneering a Path in Cambodia’s Commercial Photography

8 June 2023

Kong Dalin: Pioneering a Path in Cambodia’s Commercial Photography

In Cambodia's vibrant commercial photography and design landscape, one name stands out: Ms. Kong Dalin. A proud alumna of Limkokwing University, Dalin carries the lessons from her time at the university with her as she carves out her own niche in the industry.

Dalin’s journey to prominence began within the halls of Limkokwing University, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Architecture. Limkokwing University not only offered an in-depth academic experience but also opened a myriad of opportunities for Dalin to expand her horizons and discover her passion for photography. Limkokwing University was pivotal in supporting her beyond academics. Dalin recalls that “Limkokwing University has been very supportive, not just with my studies, but also they support with my other social events as well. I remember that my first photo exhibition was sponsored by the school which is really encouraging and it inspired me to do more. I also got to build a strong network and work exposure which I used as a reference for the future.”

Emerging from the university’s nurturing environment, Dalin co-founded KORKO Studio in December 2018. She stepped into a landscape where the concept of commercial photography was relatively alien to many in Cambodia at the time. It was a daunting task to establish a new approach to commercial photography, including aspects like lighting setups and shoot planning. KORKO Studio, with Dalin at the helm, set out to break the mould and lead the way in this emerging field.

Just as she had been supported by Limkokwing University, Dalin’s mission at KORKO Studio extended to uplifting her fellow artists in Cambodia. “When we started, it was a struggle to secure big projects for local photographers,” Dalin shares. “We believed that more than just opening doors for ourselves, we also gave opportunities for other local photographers as well.”

Her journey from an Interior Architecture student at Limkokwing University to the Managing Director of KORKO Studio is a testament to her tenacity and the transformative power of education. Dalin’s unique blend of architectural aesthetics and her refined eye for photography, fostered during her time at Limkokwing, continue to shape her professional work.

Furthermore, the value of taking chances and embracing new experiences, a principle she adopted during her time as a student, became a cornerstone of her philosophy. “We can have more than one passion. It’s all about trying,” Dalin reflects. That’s how she found her passion for photography, “because if you don’t try anything new, then how would you know if you like it or not.”

Ms. Kong Dalin’s story is a celebration of the intersection of passion, perseverance, and the transformative power of education. As she continues to inspire a new generation of artists in Cambodia, she stands as a shining example of the impact that institutions like Limkokwing University can have in nurturing talent and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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