Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Dina Randria

Dina Randria

Limkokwing Alumni Community Manager, 2017
Doctor of Business Administration

“When facing obstacles, you have to decide if you’re going to let them be the excuse for your failure, or if you’re going to make them the story behind your success.”

23 June 2017

Dr. Dina Randria knows what it takes to succeed in the business industry. His story is one of hard work, unexpected career trajectories and fierce perseverance.

From being a hardware store cashier in Madagascar years ago, Dina has moved up to a Manager of the Limkokwing Alumni Community at the Centre for Content Creation (CCC), and a part-time lecturer at the University’s Postgraduate Center. The alumnus of Limkokwing University majored in Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

Dina took time off of his busy schedule to give us insights into his job and his recipe for success.

“The Doctor of Business Administration programme has equipped me with career flexibility and choice by preparing me for expanded roles within academia and industry.”

“I work as a community manager at the Centre of Content Creation, which is a highly specialised multimedia development unit within Limkokwing University.”

For academia, he works as a part-time lecturer at the University’s Postgraduate Center, and is a member of the Postgraduate Research Committee. He is also a supervisor for project papers and theses.

“My current project is the Alumni Community Engagement Project. We plan to continue strengthening the bond between the University and the alumni; create programmes that match the interests and needs of alumni; increase alumni giving and participation. In addition, I look forward to working with our current students to prepare them to lead in their respective classes during studying and after graduation.”

Dina discovered his calling in 2010 in Madagascar when he was visiting an education fair. “I saw the Limkokwing booth set up by one of its educational agencies and it was very eye-catching, as always.”

“After inquiring for more information, I was so amazed by the University and dreamt of being part of this global network, as I was never exposed to international environment before. I was already on the job market during that time, but I felt that I needed to take the plunge to return to education and reach higher.”

After joining the University, Dina got an offer for paid internship from the University’s Marketing Department, which was when he kickstarted his career.

“Everything started from here. It was a chance for me to learn and to grow through this career path I am in today. I was assigned to work with international teams to recruit students worldwide. I got my first insights into global marketing, business development and learned about strategic planning. My interest in community management developed further, and after finishing my doctoral studies in business administration, my passion for lecturing started to grow as well.”

Dina’s hard work and perseverance did not go unnoticed, because he moved up the career ladder and took in more work responsibilities.

“I was fortunate to be involved in projects that gave me a lot of responsibility early on, and had supportive teams along the way. This allowed me to be recognised for my contributions and move up in the organisation.”

Describing how the University developed his career he said, “With no hesitation I would say that studying at Limkowing University was a great chance for me to grow. Its has an international learning environment with students and lecturers from different cultures; that’s what makes Limkokwing so special.”

“The experience and training at Limkokwing changed my life completely, and helped provide clear goals and direction for the rest of my career. My time at Limkokwing as a student had a profound impact on my professional and personal life. Each of my courses provided me with a strong academic foundation in business administration and broadened my fields of expertise in many areas.”

Dina described Limkokwing University as a whole world on a small scale and a fantastic place to study.

“It is not just academic rigor that sets Limkokwing apart as a destination for higher education, but its innovative concept and its approach to education, which is very unique. The University attracted some of the brightest people from all over the world, which makes up an incredibly the most creative University that has ever existed.”

Dr. Dina Randria’s advice to students was, “When facing obstacles, you have to decide if you’re going to let them be the excuse for your failure, or if you’re going to make them the story behind your success.”


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