Ahmad Daleen: Connecting golfers worldwide with Deemples App @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Ahmad Daleen: Connecting golfers worldwide with Deemples App

18 April 2022

  • Ahmad Daleen: Connecting golfers worldwide with Deemples App
  • Ahmad Daleen: Connecting golfers worldwide with Deemples App

Our alumnus from the Master of Business Administration programme, Ahmad Daleen from Syria co-founded Deemples - a company which helps connect golfers so they can find each other and join golfing events wherever and whenever they want to.

Having also studied Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia at Limkokwing, Ahmad learned skills which helped him identify how and where to kickstart his entrepreneurial journey.

It was during his first year when he first trained at a local company and got hands-on experience of the real world leveraging on the tech needs of developing countries. Outside of the work environment, Ahmad is an adventurer who likes to take excursions into unknown lands and experience new activities and cultures.

Here is an insight on Ahmad’s successful professional journey, his biggest achievements, and upcoming projects.

Tell us more about your company:

“My company, Deemples is golfers’ heaven. Our app helps golfers find other players to join their flight, so no golfer is left alone. To put it simple, we joke about it and call it “Tinder for golf.” We built an app that golfers use to find each other, join, and pay for golf games/events easily. I run the product and technology for Deemples, ensuring the product delivers value for golfers and making sure the tech behind it is efficient and scalable.”
How has your company contributed to your country and community?

“In the last 2 years, amidst COVID, we have helped the golf industry in Malaysia generate over RM4.5m in additional revenue. Revenue that wouldn’t have happened if golfers weren’t able to find each other. We’ll continue to help the golf industry grow and at the same time help the wider travel/hospitality industry as golfers consume adjacent products/services.”

What did you study in Limkokwing and how did that influence or assist with what you’re doing today?

“I come from a business-oriented family, and I had the basics to an entrepreneurial mindset growing up. Before coming to Malaysia, I did my research and found out that the IT field is one of the up-and-coming industries back then and my business mindset pushed me to try it out and here we are today. Limkokwing University helped me love and understand Software Engineering without background passion about it and the coursework exposed me to different names in the industry.”

Which projects are you most excited about working on at the moment?

“During my coursework, I worked on various projects, three of which inspired me the most. The first one was a smart home solution, where a user can control their home completely from their mobile devices. The other one was my final year project, which was a text reader for the visually impaired people by having a pair of glasses connected to their mobile devices that translate any written text into audio.”

What achievements are you most proud of and what are you aiming to achieve with your company?

“I am mostly proud of my first gig, FoodTime. Most of Cyberjaya residents know of. It was an application that serves as a sales channel to independent food vendors while cutting delivery fees - The project later on got acquired by Fave. We try to connect golfers with tee times so that golfers can get a game in whenever and wherever they want to, and #nevergolfalone. We’d like people to know that organising golf games and finding golfers to golf with will never be a problem again. That’s the goal.”

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced during the pandemic in regard to your work and how you overcame them.

“The pandemic forced us to be nimble so that we can scale up or down depending on if lockdowns happen again and also to work remotely, so even if there’s a lockdown we’re all still operational.”

Is there anything else you would like to add? Any advice for students who are looking to set up start-ups like you?

My advice to students is very simple, be self-taught and do not settle. You never know where opportunities are until you try everything. Additionally, we are actively looking for talented people to work with us, my email daleen@deemples.com is always open to passionate individuals.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahmad-daleen/
Website: https://deemples.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deemplesgolfapp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deemplesgolf


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