Learn Mandarin

Learn Mandarin

“With over a billion native speakers making up 15% of the world’s population, Mandarin is the 'lingua franca' of the future”.

Learn Mandarin in the heart of Mayfair

With over a billion native speakers making up 15% of the world’s population, Mandarin is the “lingua franca” of the future. Learning it is essential to keep up with today’s commerce, news and diplomatic relations. Yet, many get intimidated in learning the language because it seems difficult and unfamiliar.

Here at Limkokwing London, we show our students how learning Mandarin can be fun and simple.

We have teamed up with highly accomplished teacher and author Ms. Haitong Wang to offer a language programme tailored for professionals. Fun and practical, our short courses emphasise often under-taught emotional expressions and cultural nuances.

Take advantage of our close ties with China and broader Asia. Enrol and become part of the University’s supportive community of students and alumni from more than 150 countries. Your journey to learning Mandarin starts here at Mayfair.

Students Testimonials

Fantastic and enjoyable

“I am very happy with studying Mandarin at Limkokwing London. The teacher is fantastic, helping you with the pronunciation of pinyin and understanding the characters. By the end of the course, you will be able to have simple conversations in Chinese. Very good class materials and good learning atmosphere. I enjoyed the course all the way through!”

Rebecca Schmidt

Rebecca Schmidt

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Encourages class participation

“The classes are an excellent value for money. Ms. Wang’s professional and friendly manner are a delight. She creates a relaxed class atmosphere and the pace of the classes are just right. Her teaching methods are inclusive and participatory, it increases our confidence in speaking Mandarin. I am already looking forward to taking the next set of classes.”

Nicholas Fudge

Nicholas Fudge

Artist, Designer & Lecturer
United Kingdom

Great ambiance. Great value.

“Ms. Wang teaches in a fun, accessible style and at a moderate pace. We get to practice Mandarin in class and her warm personality makes speaking in front of others feel comfortable and enjoyable. The classrooms are historic, spacious and contribute a great ambiance to the class experience. The price is very reasonable, given its location and the fact that Ms. Wang is a highly accomplished Mandarin teacher. I learned so much in a short time, yet it felt easy.”

Michelle Lewis-King

Michelle Lewis-King


Mandarin can be fun, simple and practical

“The lessons really connected me to the practicality and simplicity of Mandarin, something I was not expecting. The teacher was able to make someone like me—who is both busy and (easily) distracted—engage and understand. Authoritative and patient, she made sure everybody in class participated. Rather than teaching rigid phrases, she helped us build our own sentences. I can completely see how, with disciplined study, I can speak Chinese with such an accomplished teacher.”

Phil King

Phil King

Fine Arts Professional
United Kingdom

Why study Mandarin?

  • China is the world’s largest manufacturer, with more than USD 2.2 trillion in manufacturing value added.
  • By 2026, an additional 200 million people will enter the Chinese middle class, joining the 350 million others who have moved out of poverty since 1990.
  • The country has more than USD 15 trillion in bank deposits, growing by USD 2 trillion a year.
  • Internet users in China spend five to six more hours online per week than Americans.
  • Source: McKinsey Insights & Publications

Learn Mandarin

Why study Mandarin at Limkokwing London?

Highly-accomplished tutor
Interactive & participatory classes
Prime location & historical building
Great value for money
Award-winning University

Our teaching approach

We use the communicative approach in teaching Mandarin. Rather than simply memorising chunks of foreign text, we promote learning through classroom activities that mimic real-life, everyday situations. Students learn faster by conversing and asking questions in Mandarin from the very first day of class.

Course Levels


Mandarin Beginner’s Course

The course is designed to help beginners get started in mastering the basics of Mandarin using fast and easy techniques.


Mandarin Pre-Intermediate Course

The course is suitable for those who have a basic background on Mandarin or have completed our Beginner’s Course.

Mandarin Intermediate Course

The course is the third level of our Mandarin classes.

Mandarin Upper Intermediate Course

The course is the fourth level of our Mandarin classes.


Mandarin Advanced Course

The course is the fifth level of our Mandarin classes.

Mandarin Proficiency Course

The course is the sixth level of our Mandarin classes.

Tailor-made Courses

Business Essentials
Cultural Awareness
Others upon request

Learn Mandarin


Course Date Days
Pre-Intermediate Course 3 Nov to 4 Dec 2014 Every Monday & Thursday

Beginner's Course

5 Jan to 5 Feb 2015

9 Feb to 12 Mar 2015

20 Apr to 21 May 2015

28 May to 29 Jun 2015

31 Aug to 1 Oct 2015

5 Oct to 5 Nov 2015

9 Nov to 10 Dec 2015

Every Monday & Wednesday

Pre-Intermediate Course

22 Apr to 24 Jun 2015

Every Thursday

2 Sep to 4 Nov 2015

Every Tuesday

Intermediate Course 1 Sep to 3 Nov 2015 Every Thursday

About our tutor

Ms. Haitong Wang has over 15 years of experience in teaching Mandarin at top universities, corporations and government offices. She has co-authored the bestselling book “Chinese Express: Talk Chinese” and currently serves as Mandarin Pre-university examiner at the University of Cambridge.

Interested? Get in touch with us.

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