Sakthis Arasu: Striving to ensure social security protection for every worker @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Sakthis Arasu: Striving to ensure social security protection for every worker

18 July 2022

While some of us owe our successes to passion, fame or interest, Sakthis Arasu owes his desire to help the people.

Sakthis is the Administrative Officer at Social Security Organisation (Socso). Last year, he handled government programmes for the Employment Insurance System whereby financial assistance is provided to individuals negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic who are seeking new employment opportunities under the PEMULIH initiative.

He spent most of his time creating promotional ideas to reach out to as many people as possible to share more information about the initiative given out by the government. This year, he promoted the benefits of EIS to corporate companies and advised them regarding the mass retrenchment process.

SOCSO’s mission is to provide comprehensive social security protection from the cradle to the grave for the well-being of all. As a SOCSO officer, one of Sakthis’s responsibilities is to make sure that the social security protection of every worker in Malaysia isn’t neglected by any organisation. “We do our best to Socso contributors to provide social security protection to employees and their dependents through the
Employment Injury Scheme and the Invalidity Scheme,” he says.

The company has successfully assisted with wage subsidies, job search allowances and hiring incentives through several stimulus packages as of June 2021. “The financial aid is equivalent to at least 1.5 percent of the Malaysian gross domestic product (GDP) and was channelled to stabilise the labour market following the economic shocks of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Sakthis shares.

Sakthis graduated from Limkokwing University’s MBA in General Management and Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business which improved his interpersonal skills, communication, and teamwork among students. “These are the few criterias I would say are important in work life which I have gained in the early stages. The knowledge I carry is more relevant when it’s being practised at work, which is where I improved my problem-solving and decision-making skills,” Sakthis says.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in social activities and to speak for the people. This job gave me both: to be able to help people and engage with them regarding the benefits we offer to better their lives,” he adds.

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