Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase

1 July 2017

  • Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase
  • Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase
  • Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase
  • Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase
  • Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase
  • Creative Talents at Luminestia Showcase

Graduating students from the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity showcased their animation and game development talents during the Luminestia Showcase held between 20 and 21 June 2017.

Luminestia Showcase is an industry exposure programme organised by Limkokwing University which enables students to present their artwork, animation and game programming skills. Over 60 students studying animation, creative multimedia and games presented their works.

The showcase also attracted industry guests to provide students with exposure to industry critique practises. Industry guests attending the showcase included representatives from Streamline Studios, LemonSky Games and Inspidea Sdn. Bhd.

The students utilised the opportunity to present their talent and skills they learned to several game producers, studio managers and talent recruiters.

“It is very impressive, and I see a lot of energy,” said Steamline HR Assistant Kimberly Anne Dudley during the showcase.

“There is a lot of professional deliverance in terms of their work output and meeting deadlines,” she added.

“The student’s overall performances were very good and meet the requirements of the industry,” added VHQ Media VFX Supervisor Lee Chan Hoh.

He explained that events such as these provide industry exposure, whereby companies gain a first look at potential talents for the industry. He also mentioned that Limkokwing University produces graduates with good communication skills as well as able to produce good work.

For students under the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity, the Luminestia Showcase is an important bridge that enables them to move forward with their career plans.

“This experience provides us with greater exposure to future employers,” said Bachelor of Arts in Animation student Faiz Aditya Rahman from Indonesia. “Over time, this helps us to improve our skills to become better.”

“We learned that the industry is always searching for specialised skills, whereby events such as these enable us to be noticed by industry professionals.”

For Thai student Nattanon Thetngamtuan who is studying Bachelor of Arts in Animation, the experience was also fun.

“You become happier when you know that your skills are being recognised,” he said. “This was important for me as it taught me to perform like a professional.”

Limkokwing University organises showcases to provide graduates with exposure through its ‘indusity’ focused learning approach. Graduates learn to develop networking opportunities while empowering them to start their careers in international renowned companies.

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