Associate Degree in Textile Design @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Associate Degree in Textile Design

Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity

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  • Creativity in Motion, Publika

This programme is a multidisciplinary area which specializing in dyeing and printing, weave and mixed media. The course of design innovation and textile-sample production will develop commercial awareness and equip the students with a wide range of creative and practical skills geared to the industry practice. As we know also, ‘Textiles’ have been used in various human endeavours for thousands of years and have the potential to be highly symbolic and culturally important. One major new direction in consumer preference is the longing for a dose of luxury in personal environments. This drive for luxury has a deeper base than simply self-indulgence. It is a manifestation of needing to feel secure and safe in one’s environment. It is also a way of personalizing a space.

The design and pattern of a textile helps to enhance part or the overall image of a collection. For example, bright colors signal a desire for optimism and happiness, while light-infused pastel colors promote spiritual or emotional healing and peace of mind. Likewise, pattern can represent values and artistic preferences in the eyes of the beholder. Angular patterns are stimulating while fluid curves are humanizing. Small patterns are quaint and large patterns are bold and assertive. Fabric patterns and colorways are available to satisfy any style requirement for any occupant from young to old, macho male to femininely female, sport fanatic to artistic dreamer.

The Textile Design programme route represents a challenging academic experience aimed a raising students’ visual awareness, critical abilities and aesthetic sensibilities. This programme will give graduates the opportunity towards understanding accessories and design aspect. This includes the thinking process, idea development, material studies and its usage.

At the Limkokwing University, we believe that a university associate degree and degree should make a strong statement. Not just a fashion statement, but also a personal statement that shapes your life beyond your career. We believe our programme offers you more, because you are a part of the community of international and domestic students who value a world-class education.

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