Yitong Hu: Charting a Creative Path in Game Design @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Yitong Hu: Charting a Creative Path in Game Design

20 February 2024

  • Yitong Hu: Charting a Creative Path in Game Design
  • Yitong Hu: Charting a Creative Path in Game Design
  • Yitong Hu: Charting a Creative Path in Game Design
  • Yitong Hu: Charting a Creative Path in Game Design

Hailing from China, Yitong Hu now works as a technical game designer at EYES OUT, an arthouse game development studio based in Los Angeles. Here, Yitong is part of a team that believes in the powerful synesthesia of music, narrative, and interactive experiences. Her role encompasses game design and scripting, cinematics design, and UI development, contributing to the studio's vision of creating immersive gaming experiences.

Her work extends beyond her professional role. Yitong is committed to mentoring young talent in game design and volunteering for international non-profit organisations in the industry. She said, “For many years, I have dedicated myself to mentoring young talents in entering the field of game design, helping them to launch their careers in the video game development industry.” She volunteers for numerous international non-profit organisations, such as IGDA, AIGA, IndieCade, and G4C, participating in mentorship, panel talks, competition judging, visual design, and event organising. Furthermore, she infuses Chinese elements into her game designs, introducing the world to Chinese culture and history in a light-hearted and fun manner.

Yitong’s educational background at Limkokwing University gave her a strong foundation in game design and engine scripting. She credits the university for introducing her to valuable contacts in the industry. “This learning journey gave me a strong foundation in game design, engine scripting, and appreciating different cultures. It also introduced me to many great teachers and friends who have helped me a lot,” she shared.

Her passion for game design began in elementary school when she created a chess game with soda bottle caps. Her first video game, developed during the summer of 2014 at Limkokwing University, involved using a slipper to smack cockroaches on a desk. This quirky game led to her developer ID, BugOnDesk, which she still uses today.

Among her favourite projects are Apploid Ballfare, a 3v3 sci-fi third-person dodgeball game; Truants, a 2D thriller narrative simulator game; and Black White Bear, a mobile/web-based interactive story game about social equality. Apploid Ballfare, developed with her Limkokwing classmates, was a finalist and winner of the SEA Game Awards and was showcased in various industry events. Black White Bear has won awards for its storyline and design.

Yitong’s ambitions for the future are clear. She aims to continue designing diverse games, learning new technologies, and helping young people join the game development journey.  She advises aspiring game designers to focus on creating demos with widely used tools and to focus on building a solid foundation before exploring more advanced software. “Start by finding a tool with extensive documentation and a large user base to begin creating demos. This way, when you encounter difficulties, you can find answers,” she suggests.

Yitong Hu’s story is a reminder that passion and dedication can lead to a rewarding career in the gaming industry. Her work not only entertains but also educates and inspires the next generation of game designers.

To find out more and connect with Yitong, please explore her portfolio, and through her LinkedIn, and Itch pages.

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