Awakening the Hero Within by Oscar Olivares @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Awakening the Hero Within by Oscar Olivares

27 September 2017

Cartoonist and Visual Artist Oscar Olivares conducted a mixed media digital painting workshop on 12 September 2017.

The 21-year-old was born in Caracas, Venezuela. His work has been exhibited in most of Venezuela and cities such as Miami, Bogotá, Houston, Panama, Denver, Madrid, Pescara, Santo Domingo, New York, and recently in Kuala Lumpur. There is work with his signature in at least 22 countries.

His art revolves around three categories, namely illustrations with the Venezuelan Flag – a series of more than 70 illustrations painted using Venezuelan flag colours, landscapes – illustrations showing doors to the other side of the world, and comics.

Oscar discovered his passion for art at the age of 14. He mentioned that his passion for arts was inspired by an idea of expressing his feelings in a different way other than figure of speech.

“In art and illustrations, I can express what I feel without using any words. This workshop found success in Malaysia, because you don’t need to speak Spanish or be in Venezuela to understand what is expressed in my illustrations.”

In February 2015, he held his first individual exhibition with 17 works titled ‘The Dawn of the Hope’, and the same year in June he was awarded the Attitude Award by Carlos Saul Rodríguez.

In August 2015, he won first place in the Ibero-American Awards for Online Entrepreneurship 2015. Oscar dived into lecturing in 2016 due to constant requests from colleges, universities and companies to have a testimony of entrepreneurship in the current Venezuela.

He was the youngest artist to exhibit at the Art Expo New York 2017. The art expo has been the largest exhibition of fine arts throughout the world for over 39 years.

Giving a synopsis of opportunities in the illustration industry Oscar Olivares said, “The illustration industry is very interesting, because it lets us have the opportunity in our hands. They are not embedded in companies or countries, the opportunities are in their talent, intelligence, and in the way they use paintings to create the world that they want.”

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