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Mhd Hasan Alattar

Mhd Hasan Alattar

Head of International Student Services Department, 2017
Master in Project Management

“Success is not static, it is a progression. The more knowledge you acquire, the closer you get to being successful.”

15 April 2017

A keen problem solver who enjoys helping others, Mhd Hasan Alattar came all the way from Damascus, Syria to complete his Master of Project Management.

During his studies at Limkokwing University, he loved being able to handle and solve problems faced by other students.

Enriched Knowledge Sharing

“Since I enrolled in Limkokwing University, I have seen the Student Services Department as the right place for me,” he said.

“I have always tried my best to reach the position that I am in now and improve myself by learning from people surrounding me.”

“I have been blessed with great lecturers who share their experiences and knowledge very openly,” he said.

According to him, Limkokwing University is different from other educational institutions due to the multicultural aspect of its learning environment. This gave him a broad range of knowledge in various industries and cultures.

“Moreover, the diversity of the students in the University gave me the chance to interact and learn from people from around the world,” he said.

“My experience at Limkokwing has drastically improved my interpersonal, leadership and analytical skills. I am now able to communicate better and perform the tasks assigned to me with more effectiveness and efficiency.”

Growth and Opportunities

For him, Limkokwing University is a great place for students seeking knowledge and experience. He explains that the University engages in practical exposure to help students towards graduation by providing internship and graduate trainee opportunities.

His main responsibility is to manage and lead six units that offer non-academic services to students. These are accommodation, insurance, clubs and societies, psychological counselling, immigration clearance and student arrival, and helpdesk.

“Being in the position to lead a team towards a goal is very challenging,” he said. “The goal might be easy to reach sometimes, but the challenging part is to improve your vision of the goal.”

Helping Other Students

He is currently working to help students expand their exposure on business and management. Through the University’s Clubs and Societies programme, students can participate in practical learning experiences.

“I am currently involved in university project ISO 9001:2015, Personal Data Protection Act, Occupational Safety and Health Committee, as well as process development and implementation of standards for Limkokwing Cambodia Campus.”

For him, being able to hold a managerial position immediately after graduating from the University is very fulfilling.

Advice for Students

“Success is not static, it is a progression,” he said. “The more knowledge you acquire, the closer you get to being successful.”

“There are no failures; only quitters.”

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