Abdullah Iqbal: Utilising digital media to construct a new approach to architecture @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Abdullah Iqbal: Utilising digital media to construct a new approach to architecture

11 February 2022

  • Abdullah Iqbal: Utilising digital media to construct a new approach to architecture
  • Abdullah Iqbal: Utilising digital media to construct a new approach to architecture

Born in Islamabad and raised in Ireland, our alumni from the Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) programme Abdullah Iqbal, is a Creative Architectural Designer and runs an independent design and research studio called Meta.iqbal. Currently living between London and Dublin, he has also collaborated with SB interiors – a multidisciplinary design practice run by two other Limkokwing alumni creatives, Shababa billah (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and Dalia Kamal Ismail (Milano, Italy).

Meta.iqbal. investigates the process of spatial design that aims to explore and experiment with physical, digital, and mixed media to construct a new approach to architecture - discovering future possibilities of architectural space representation.

Through his experimental studio Abdullah has collaborated with many creative individuals and assisted upcoming architects and students through creating educational posts and mentoring them with their projects and career aspects. Some of the studio’s current research projects include further investigation of current education systems and manifesting architectural solutions with metaverse as a notion. They are also experimenting with future possibilities of mechanical systems that eliminate pollution for the cities such as London for breached levels of pollutants. As for built projects, they are working on exciting interior design and event projects within Europe and Asia.

“SB interiors and Meta.Iqbal cover architecture, interior design, furniture design and event decor. In a short span of time, we have completed a variety of projects including our international luxury interiors located in cities such as Dublin, New York, and Dhaka. Some of our commendable projects include Bikrampur Munshiganj Traditional style House in Bangladesh, monument for the Army of Bangladesh which stands in front of the overpass of Savar Dhaka Bangladesh,” said Abdullah.

Creating innovative and ecologically sustainable projects

“Studying Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Limkokwing has helped me to create innovative and ecologically sustainable projects for commercial and residential use within the Mega city of Kuala Lumpur as well as pushed me to develop modern and edgy spaces, while taking all the elements of a great design into consideration. While studying in the challenging and a fast-paced field of architecture at Limkokwing, I have learned to be passionate about investing time in researching, creative thinking processes and technical skills to overcome obstacles and deliver projects with confidence.”

Abdullah enjoyed working on designs in a team and individually by conceptualising, critiquing, and amending design ideas to construct best possible design outcomes.

“We were taught to design with a motive, paying attention to detail and creating elements that manifest into a structure which will serve the people and the environment. One of the most important skills as an individual, I have learned about many different cultures in Limkokwing, and it has made me a very confident person who can adapt himself globally with ease.”

Discovering his passion for experimenting with Architectural designs

Highlighting how he discovered his passion Abdullah mentioned it was through his academic and professional work experience. From learning creative sets of tools from Leeds school of Architecture where he did his Masters, to developing proposals for mega cities like London and Tokyo. He was also involved in setting up exhibitions locally and internationally and graduated with a first-class Distinction in Master of Architecture.

“In practice as an architectural assistant at Alan Camp in London, I have been a part of the planning team working on various residential led projects including, permitted development, extensions, new build and affordable housing within the city of London. Post London I have worked as a Graduate Architect in one of the world’s most leading Architectural AJ100 firms called Building Design Partnership in the Dublin office where I mainly focused on Hospitality design and competitions within Ireland.”

Outstanding Achievements

Abdullah has packed outstanding achievements under his belt - from his final year thesis being published in the Architects Journal to being nominated for Royal Institute of British Architects silver medal and RIBA North award for his theoretical project called ‘the alternative education Machine’ which explores immersive possibilities to remodify structures and environment to create an alternative educational model.

“Some of my selected work has been presented at ESALA - Edinburgh (contemporary technologies in architectural design). I had the best architectural drawing prizes such as Frank Sykes prize and have also been privileged to present selected projects at Tokyo Women’s University in Japan as well as at Building Design Partnership in Dublin, Ireland.”

Striving for uniqueness and excellence in architectural innovation

“Our journey in the field of architecture has been very exciting so far. Coming from international background and experiences, we have become a skillful and dynamic Architectural design team. While running Meta.iqbal alongside SB Interiors, we as a team strive for uniqueness and individuality, to explore bespoke ideas that could potentially create something that may not have been done before. Whether in a physical or virtual environment, we believe in creating unique and dynamic spaces where people and communities can connect with their environment through architectural innovation. Our biggest aim is to build a community of students and young designers and inspire them to become strong and confident in experimenting with their concepts to create a unique and brighter future.”

Meta. Iqbal Instagram: instagram.com/meta.iqbal/
SB: https://www.facebook.com/sb.interiorsandevents

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