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Limkokwing - the Next Generation Marketing Leadership

18 December 2023

  • Limkokwing - the Next Generation Marketing Leadership
  • Limkokwing - the Next Generation Marketing Leadership
  • Limkokwing - the Next Generation Marketing Leadership

At Limkokwing University, the Foundation Department offers a dynamic module titled "Introduction to Marketing." This module is available to first-year and second-semester students majoring in business, information technology, fashion, or professional design. It comprehensively covers vital marketing aspects such as management, research, planning, pricing, promotion, distribution channels, and pricing strategies. The curriculum is meticulously structured, ensuring students gain an in-depth understanding of various marketing techniques.

To reinforce classroom learning with practical experience, the university organised a three-day “Culture Day & Products Selling” on-campus event from October 31st to November 2nd, 2022. This event provided a platform for students to apply their acquired knowledge in a real-world context. We gathered insights from students who participated as part of the winning team.

Oun Kimmouy, a team leader, worked alongside Ou Siya, Thon Sokunthea, and Ham Reaksa. Their team excelled in sales, demonstrating a profound mastery of marketing strategies and product promotion. Oun Kimmouy reflected on her educational journey, emphasising the wealth of knowledge she gained about marketing principles, strategies, and their business relevance. She expressed immense gratitude to her lecturer for the guidance and the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. “Participating in the event was rewarding, allowing us to implement classroom concepts in real-life customer interactions,” she added, thanking the university for this invaluable learning experience.

Ou Siya, a sophomore in marketing, noted a significant enhancement in her understanding of consumer behaviour. This understanding was crucial in developing effective marketing tactics, especially in selecting target markets and creating appealing social media and digital marketing content. She described the project as challenging and rewarding, contributing to a successful sales experience.

Thon Sokunthea shared similar sentiments, appreciating the opportunity to apply classroom skills in a real business environment. She highlighted the project’s educational value, which she believes will contribute to her future growth as a business owner and marketing leader.

Ham Reaksa emphasised the collaborative nature of the project, viewing it as a practical exercise in business acumen and marketing leadership. She appreciated the blend of learning and enjoyment the project offered.

The “Introduction to Marketing” module aims to deepen students’ understanding of marketing concepts and the interplay of various marketing functions. This practical approach, exemplified by events like “Culture Day & Products Selling,” allows students to bridge the gap between theory and practice. In summary, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is committed to delivering a prestigious, resource-rich, and high-quality education, epitomised by the motto “Be the best…” for every student.

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