Calvin Too: Bridging Music and Film in Storytelling @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Calvin Too: Bridging Music and Film in Storytelling

29 November 2023

  • Calvin Too: Bridging Music and Film in Storytelling
  • Calvin Too: Bridging Music and Film in Storytelling
  • Calvin Too: Bridging Music and Film in Storytelling

For the November Limkokwing Creativity Series, Limkokwing University's alumni Calvin Too, a filmmaker and DJ, shared his experience and vision in his storytelling journey. Born in Brunei and a veteran in Malaysia’s creative industry, Calvin leads Goliath Productions, crafting diverse visual narratives.

Calvin described Goliath Productions’ core as rooted in storytelling, with a portfolio encompassing commercials, music videos, and more. He candidly expressed his ambition, “We would just love to be making movies. That’s the goal for not just myself but other team members as well.” This statement highlights his team’s shared passion for film and narrative storytelling.

Music’s influence on Calvin’s filmmaking is profound. He credits his family’s musical inclinations as a significant influence. “Music has always been in the house,” he explained, emphasising how it shapes his creative process. He uses music to set the tone for his scripts, saying, “Half the experience is what you’re hearing. I like to have music help me get inspired.” Whether it’s classical pieces for emotive scenes or haunting sounds for horror, Calvin sees music as an essential element in storytelling.

Calvin’s vision for future projects includes a stronger portrayal of Malaysia’s cultural diversity. He shared his aspirations to tell more local stories, reflecting the nation’s rich cultural mosaic. “We have all these different ethnicities and stuff that there are so many ways to bring to life,” he noted, emphasising a natural integration of cultural elements into his narratives.

Reflecting on the significance of educational institutions like Limkokwing in nurturing creativity, Calvin stressed their importance. “This is a very interesting period that, you know, we should try to get as much as we can into their heads,” he remarked, acknowledging how these experiences shape individuals’ creative paths.

Limkokwing University, playing a pivotal role in nurturing the talents of creative individuals, stands as a testament to the power of creative education. With its innovative approach to learning, the university fosters an environment where ideas can flourish and diverse perspectives are embraced. Institutions like Limkokwing University are not just academic hubs but crucibles where creative minds are shaped, blending traditional educational values with modern, dynamic methodologies.

Calvin Too’s session at the Limkokwing Creativity Series provided an intriguing look into his artistic approach, blending music and film in his storytelling. His vision for Goliath Productions and future projects reflects a deep understanding of cultural representation in cinema. Calvin’s insights underscore the importance of educational institutions in shaping creative talent, highlighting his journey as a testament to the enduring impact of early influences on one’s career.

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