Limkokwing University in talks with Brahim’s on industry collaboration

28 February 2018

  • Limkokwing University in talks with Brahim’s on industry collaboration
  • Limkokwing University in talks with Brahim’s on industry collaboration
  • Limkokwing University in talks with Brahim’s on industry collaboration

A delegation from Brahim’s Group, the public-listed Malaysian-based foodservice and food manufacturing company, were welcomed at the Cyberjaya campus on 27 February 2018, for discussions on an industry collaboration with Limkokwing University.

The delegation was headed by the namesake Executive Chairman of Brahim’s Group, Dato’ Seri Ibrahim Bin Haji Ahmad.

Also in attendance were Managing Director of Brahim’s Group, Puan Seri Fatin Binti Dato’ Seri Ibrahim and Marketing Manager Mohamad Fazil Bin Othman.

Upon arrival, the delegation was given a full tour of the Presidential Library where they witnessed some of the finest achievements both by the University and its Founder and President, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Limkokwing.

A good friend

“I have known Tan Sri Limkokwing for many years now and he has always been the person who puts his heart and soul in anything he does,” said Dato’ Seri Ibrahim during the press conference held after the meeting.

He also said Tan Sri Limkokwing’s personal achievements have greatly influenced not only himself as a public figure, but it has also done so much good for the benefit of the country as well.

Grand unveiling

In conjunction with it’s 30th anniversary, Brahim’s Group also launched their first-ever Mobile Cafe at the campus plaza.

The grand unveiling attracted a large crowd of curious students, especially as Chef Faizal turned on the heat with an excellent demonstration on how to prepare mouth-watering dishes with Brahim’s microwavable pre-packed meals.

Dato’ Seri Ibrahim was quick to say that Limkokwing University, being well-known for its creative and innovative learning practices, influenced his decision to launch the much-awaited Brahim’s Mobile Cafe at the Cyberjaya campus.

Future potential projects

Dato’ Seri Ibrahim said Brahim’s practices a creative and innovative style as well, especially when it comes to product packaging and branding, which is why he strongly believes partnering with Limkokwing University would lead to a mutually beneficial future.


“I truly like the way this University sees designs and ways of approaching new concepts especially when it comes to packaging and with that in mind, I hope to cease this opportunity to co-develop on various designs in the future,” said Dato’ Seri Ibrahim.

“It doesn’t just end here, this event today is a beginning of the many collaborations to come,” he added.


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