Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Lam Yung Ni

Lam Yung Ni

, 2018
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Architectural Studies

“This practice made us explore even more than usual and we were bold to take risks."

28 March 2018

Lam Yung Ni – “A truly rewarding experience”
Lam Yung Ni from Pahang, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies in July 2017, describes Limkokwing University as a great place for young people to grow and she is happy to have had a chance to study at the world’s most global university.

“Pursuing this line of study was a tough challenge for me as my parents were not really encouraging but they respected my passion and supported me all the way,” said Yung Ni.

She believes the multicultural environment at Limkokwing allowed her to learn different cultures and traditions in interesting ways and also improved her social life.

“I was able to learn how other people came up with ideas, solutions and most importantly working as a team player.”

In conjunction with the 25th Silver Jubilee of the Malaysia Timber Council on 26 July 2017, Yung Ni was chosen by her lecturer to participate in the Malaysia Wood Awards – Student’s Challenge competition on Timber Building, as her student project.

Naming the project Eco-Water Edge Centre (Timber Forest), Yung Ni said she intended to create a relaxing space and at the same time, a space that would enable humans to connect with wildlife without the need to harm the habitat.

Yung Ni won 2nd place in the competition.

From this competition, Yung Ni said she learnt a lot of new things, especially timber framing and fitting work.

The most challenging part of the competition was having to handle heavy assignments as the judging process happened during her last semester.

“It was really stressful but truly rewarding in the end,” said Yung Ni.

Breaking the norm
Yung Ni said Limkokwing University sets no limit to creativity and she loved the fact that the lecturers actually leave space for students to come up with new ideas and were always appreciative towards their bold efforts.

“This practice made us explore even more than usual and we were bold to take risks,” said Yung Ni.

Some of the key skills she picked during her days at Limkokwing that she has found to be most valuable are planning, researching and how to be an effective team player.

The future
Yung Ni is confident that as a Limkokwing graduate, she has a very high standard of competence in design and technology knowledge with a great understanding of architectural practices and skills.

“I hope and will definitely land in a place where I can better the situation by applying all the skills I learnt as a Limkokwing student and will most certainly do the University proud,” said Yung Ni.


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