Associate Degree in Creative Multimedia @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Associate Degree in Creative Multimedia

Faculty of Multimedia Creativity

Creative Multimedia encompasses the post-production, animation, web and interactive multimedia industries. The production process and techniques of creative multimedia is heavily used in the entertainment industry, especially to develop special effects in movies as motion graphics, video editing and visual effect. It is also evident in animation for cartoon characters and 3D games and film. Multimedia is also presented online in the form of interactive web pages, web design and online web games.

The course utilizes the latest multimedia software application that is most relevant and widely used in the creative or post-production industry. This ensures that our graduates will be practically equipped and able to seamlessly integrate into any company within their chosen area of expertise.

In terms of hardware, we ensure that we have the most capable equipment to effectively run the necessary software applications and to provide students with the knowledge and practical usage of additional hardware peripherals most likely to be used within the industry worldwide.

The programme is specially catered to produce students for the post-production, web and multimedia industry. Graduates are also trained to work for web and multimedia companies specializing in Flash Applications and Interface Design Elements.

Students will examine the evolution of computer games, the elements that contribute to a game’s playability, hardware and software environments and the visual design, testing, creation and marketing of games. An important component of the course is the practical training students undergo to prepare them for the professional realities of this competitive and highly lucrative industry.

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