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Botswana exports a large quantity of high-quality beef. Lamb, mutton and chicken meat are also plentiful but beef is by far, the most popular with goat meat at a close second. Due to the country’s lack of coastline, seafood is rare though fish caught from the river are available.

One of the most popular traditional meat dishes in Botswana is the Seswaa or Chotlho which is made for most of the special occasions celebrated by most Batswana. The traditional way of making Seswaa is having it simmering in a three-legged iron pot on an open fire until soft, adding only salt and water to the mix. There are also plenty of fans of Serobe, a dish that contains intestines and some inside parts of goat, sheep or cow which are cooked until soft.

In the city, you will be able to find the normal array of Western, Chinese and Indian restaurants with plenty of global chain outlets such as Nando’s, KFC, Debonairs Pizza and Ocean Basket.

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