A Lesson In Wartime Diplomacy @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

A Lesson In Wartime Diplomacy

15 April 2024

  • A Lesson In Wartime Diplomacy
  • A Lesson In Wartime Diplomacy
  • A Lesson In Wartime Diplomacy

In times of crisis, especially when a country faces a conflict, those representing the country overseas keep their diplomatic channels open, as the Deputy Head of Mission from the Ukrainian Embassy in Malaysia, Mr Denys Mykhaliliuk, demonstrated.

In a candid dialogue session at the recent Limkokwing Creativity Series, Mr Mykhaliliuk, shared his nation’s aspirations to forge stronger educational ties with Malaysian institutions.

The session at Limkokwing University’s Hall of Fame allowed students to gain real-world insights from a seasoned diplomat. Mykhailiuk shared Ukraine’s educational landscape and underscored the adaptability and determination to maintain educational integrity. Mykhailiuk’s overarching message centred on the possibility of unlocking the vast potential for academic cooperation between the two nations.

Hailing from a nation with a deep-rooted intellectual tradition, Mr Mykhaliliuk extolled Ukraine’s prowess in fields as diverse as aviation, space technology, and digital innovation. “We can propose some technologies and software. We are well-versed in e-governance, and we are a major powerhouse for food security,” he said, underscoring the synergies that could arise from cross-border collaboration.

Touching on Ukraine’s educational infrastructure, he said that while the times were challenging, they were adjusting and attempting to keep it intact. “Our educational system survives. It’s not the easiest or the best time for it. Still, it adjusts and accommodates how it’s arranged.”

In the future when times are more positive, he expressed his desire to attract more Malaysian students to Ukraine and emphasised the lasting bonds forged through international educational experiences. “If you grow up as a person and study – graduate from a university in the country, it will be forever in your heart, and the ties will be very strong,” he said, echoing the timeless value of cross-cultural exchange.

As the session drew to a close, Mykhaliliuk left the students with a parting message resonating with the essence of education: “Enjoy the time with your study; make it worthwhile. Bring the seeds to the whole of your life. And the more you learn, the more interesting your life will be.”

In alignment with Limkokwing University’s vision, this Creativity Series talk was a testament to the power of education in uniting diverse perspectives and building international partnerships for a collective future. Through his advocacy for academic collaboration, Mykhaliliuk showcased Ukraine’s unwavering commitment to fostering global partnerships, even in adversity. As the world grapples with complex challenges, such cross-border bridges of knowledge and understanding become increasingly vital, paving the way for a more interconnected and enlightened future.




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