Jennifer Teh: Breathing Life into Imagined Worlds @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Jennifer Teh: Breathing Life into Imagined Worlds

24 October 2023

  • Jennifer Teh: Breathing Life into Imagined Worlds
  • Jennifer Teh: Breathing Life into Imagined Worlds
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  • Jennifer Teh: Breathing Life into Imagined Worlds
  • Jennifer Teh: Breathing Life into Imagined Worlds

Jennifer Teh, a Limkokwing University alumni in Creative Multimedia, has had a robust career sprawling over 15 years. She is a seasoned Professional Animator and a part-time Artist cum Illustrator who has significantly contributed to local and global animation industries. Despite her extensive involvement, Jennifer’s journey commenced from humble beginnings and a childhood enamoured by the magic of animation.

With a passion ignited at the tender age of four, Jennifer’s narrative is a rich tapestry of dreams entwined with relentless determination. “Technically, I discovered my love for drawing when I was 4. When I was 16 years old, I was torn between taking the path to becoming a veterinarian or be an animation artist, in the end, I chose the latter because no matter what, I still love creative work and drawing,” reminisces Jennifer about her early inclinations towards art.

This decision was bolstered further through her educational voyage at Limkokwing University from 2004 to 2006, where she undertook a tweening program for Creative Multimedia. Beyond the technical insight, the branding ethos and purpose-driven narrative of Limkokwing etched a lasting impact on her. “The most impactful part was that I learned a lot more from Limkokwing’s branding, purpose and how the university presents itself,” she reflects.

Her professional trajectory saw her embrace various roles in animation and art. She is a senior 2D animator working on a confidential project for a prominent streaming service in collaboration with M2 Animation studio based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her repertoire also boasts celebrated contributions to popular animated series like Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty and Amazon Prime’s The Boys: Diabolical. The challenges and the liberty to experiment with animation fundamentals in these projects resonated well with Jennifer’s innovative spirit. “Popular animated series like Rick & Morty and Amazon Prime’s The Boys: Diabolical are a few of my favourite projects because of the project’s pipeline and challenges, and also the freedom to experiment with some animation fundamentals for the series’ visual style,” she recounts with a spark of enthusiasm.

Jennifer’s artistic odyssey is not confined to the conventional. Her canvas extends beyond animation into book publishing, mural art, fine art exhibitions, and comic projects. “What made me proud the most is when I dabble in all kinds of art-related fields and adapt to the challenges with tenacity and commitment,” she shares, her voice resonating with the rich experience garnered over the years. The diversity in her endeavours has honed her skills and added a rich texture to her artistic prowess. Her aspirations include exploring new pipeline roles within animation and stepping into the video game industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth unique challenges, yet Jennifer’s narrative echoes the resilience of the animation industry. “Many actually said animation is pandemic-proof and I have to agree with that,” she muses, thanks to digital mediums and robust communication channels that facilitate remote working seamlessly.

As she continues to evolve in her artistic journey, Jennifer eyes the future with the hope of creating her own stories and products. Her advice to budding animators and artists resonates with her journey - a blend of focus, discipline, and an unyielding hunger for creativity are the keystones to thriving in the creative industry.

Jennifer’s journey is a vivid testament to Limkokwing University’s unique educational approach. By seamlessly blending traditional learning with hands-on practical experience, the university empowers students to break free from conventional boundaries. Encased in a milieu of cultural diversity and a rich blend of artistic expression, Limkokwing University is a fertile ground for aspiring animators and artists, catapulting them towards a future ripe with creative potential. As showcased through Jennifer’s narrative, the ethos and brand identity of Limkokwing University significantly shape the vision and skillset of its alumni, furnishing them with the essential tools to contribute meaningfully to the dynamic world of animation and artistry.

Jennifer’s story inspires many, and her creations explore boundless imaginative realms. With an expansive portfolio reflecting her journey and dreams, Jennifer’s story is a testimony to what lies on the other side of perseverance and a boundless love for one’s art.

Check out Jennifer’s Vimeo showreel and Instagram profile, where she often shares snippets of her creative works.

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