Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality

24 March 2022

  • Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality
  • Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality
  • Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality
  • Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality
  • Jet Yin & Richard Mah: Making the home of your dreams a reality

Just a few months after graduating from the Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Interior Architecture two of our alumni Jet and Richard partnered up and started One Catalyst Interior Sdn Bhd – an interior design company that not only helps clients build their dream homes but also adds value to their investment properties. They focus on serving busy property investors to convert their property units into ROI positive investment properties. In chatting with the chief interior designer Jet Yin, also known as the ‘Flying Jet’ she let us in on their interesting journey to success:

Tell us about One Catalyst Interior Sdn Bhd:

“One Catalyst Interior Sdn Bhd serves homeowners by transforming bare units into beautiful homes that can generate ROI. Ready to Live In. Ready to rent out. Ready to be Airbnbs. Ready to be sold. We prioritise clients’ needs over popular trends in aesthetics, what’s most important are client’s needs and requests. With progressive milestones updates and lifetime after-sales service, we aim to achieve a worry-free experience from start to finish for our clients. My role as a chief interior designer of the company is to plan and design homes within budget while achieving good functionality and aesthetic which makes our product trustworthy.”

So far how has your company contributed to your community and which project you are most excited about?

“We have been invited to Limkokwing, Taylor’s, UCSI universities as final year presentation external tutors to give advice and ideas to interior design students. We have also allocated part of our profit to charity which is a CLEAR WATER PROJECT with Inner Wheel Club of Intan, donating water filters to native villages in Pahang, Malaysia, as we believe that givers gain. The current project that I’m most excited about working on is a kitchen refurbishment design for Dato Sri, who is a very highly respected and honoured person. She has been using a least functional kitchen and I’m confident in helping her transform her kitchen. I can’t wait to see the transformation.”

What has been your favourite project and achievements?

“My favourite project was a 20 units homestay project in Cameron Highlands. It was a challenge for us as we need to design every unit in different concepts and get them completed within the timeline. But we completed the project, and the homestays are renting in flying colours, generating good profit for our clients. Some of our designer homestays even become popular tourist check in spots. What we are most proud of is all this while we have built good relationships with our clients and I’m grateful that we have received good feedback and recurring customers.”

Tell us what you would like people to know about One Catalyst Interior?

“We are aiming to help 1000 property investors in Malaysia to achieve positive rental ROI of their property. I would like people to know that we are the most agile, nimble and passionate team in the market to assist and solve busy property investors’ pain with our most humble, honest, practical and proven formula.”

Take us through some of the challenges you faced (or are still facing) during the pandemic and how the company overcame them: 

“The pandemic is tough, especially for business owners. We have faced overdue payments and sales reduction. We always believe that staff are a company’s greatest asset. We had a good talk with our staff and it turned out that they are willing to stand together with us during the hard times, we are grateful. We stay connected with our clients by sending them sanitisers to build customer relationships. These small moves we did helped us through the hard times, and we are now coming back stronger and wiser.”

What did you study in Limkokwing and how did that influence or assist with you’re doing today?

“Studying in Limkokwing gave a me wide exposure to different cultures and a free mind to explore design. Open minded culture and strong acceptance allowed me space to open my heart and truly embrace my thoughts as I know, in Limkokwing, no one can judge you! From then, I learnt to express my thoughts in my design with no fear until today. I kept the spirit.”

Give some words of advice for students who are looking to pursue the same path as yours:

“Just follow your passion. At Limkokwing you are free enough to explore, just bring out your craziest ideas, who knows it may boom!  It’s ok to be different and don’t be afraid to accept challenges, because action speaks it all.”



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