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Phnom Penh


Cambodia's storied past includes a period of almost a century as a French colony. The French influence can be seen alongside the Siamese and Laos influences permeating the country today.


Cambodia turned out to be an excellent choice for another Limkokwing outpost given the country's rich history and culture. If you happen to pay a visit to Cambodia, you will be able to see how distinctively it sets itself apart from its South East Asian neighbours. The country's way of life has been heavily influenced by India and China. The country, in turn, has passed along these influences to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. The country boasted one of the world's largest pre-industrial civilizations and today, locals and tourists alike are still reminded of what Cambodia achieved when they lay eyes on the Angkor Wat, the symbol of the country's ancestry.

Cambodia Culture

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  • Phnom Penh
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  • Riel (KHR)
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Explore Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Largely regarded as one of the biggest tourist attractions of Cambodia, Angkor Wat is one of the oldest Buddhist temple structures in Asia. In fact, it is by far the largest religious monument in the world. A perfect example of high classical style of Khmer architecture, its notable temple structure has achieved iconic status and also serves as the national symbol of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh city

The capital and largest city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is situated on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River. The city has served as the national capital since the French colonization of Cambodia, and has become economic and industrial center of the nation, as well as its center of politics and culture.

Khmer dance

The Cambodian experience can only be completed with attending at least one traditional Khmer dance performance! Often called an ‘Apsara Dance’ after the most popular dance pieces, there are actually many different traditional Khmer dances to enjoy.

Khmer Cuisine

Most Khmer cuisine revolves around its most staple ingredient- rice. Most meals consist of rice partnered with stir-fried meat, soup, or curry.

Angkor Gondola Boat

The Siem Reap has an interestingly unique feature in a Khmer traditional boat service called the Angkor Gondola. A must-try to see the sights on the river!

Massages & Spas

A well-known tradition throughout Southeast Asia, Cambodia offers its own distinctive tradition in massages for health and relaxation. Massage shops and spas catering to visitors can be found in most big cities in Cambodia.


Get up close with the heart of Cambodia with biking and cycling. It’s an ideal way to discover Cambodia and see its culture first-hand.

Bamboo Train

Imagine half an hour along warped rails misaligned and dizzying bridges left by the French on a train running from O Dambong to O Sra Lav. A classic journey not to be missed, you have to get on the bamboo train.

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