“As a creative person, always follow your instincts”

10 April 2018

  • “As a creative person, always follow your instincts”
  • “As a creative person, always follow your instincts”
  • “As a creative person, always follow your instincts”
  • “As a creative person, always follow your instincts”
  • “As a creative person, always follow your instincts”

‘World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond’, Hearts On Fire and Malaysia’s leading jewellery retailer, Habib Group held an insightful forum at Limkokwing University on 5 April 2018, with an experienced individual who’s been in the industry for many years; sharing her journey from a young designer to designing jewellery for the women of today.

Creative jewel designer

Hearts On Fire’s Director of Design, Ms. Ilari Lanzoni from Italy received a big round of applause from the crowd when she was given the floor by the emcee.

Also in attendance were Hearts On Fire’s Territory Manager of South East Asia, Ms. Tanya Somera and Habib Jewel’s General Manager, Mr. Zarrudin Mahmud.

Ms. Lanzoni led the session by thanking all the attendees that were present during the talk, adding that she was overwhelmed with the gorgeous set up at the Branding Gallery.

The difference maker

“As a creative person, always follow your instincts,” said Lanzoni.

She added that in the field of jewellery designing, it is always about precise details, therefore it is very important to pay close attention, even to the tiniest of details.

As a creative person that has over 17 years of experience in this field, Lanzoni has basically seen it all; and ever since her installation as the new Design Director for HOF in 2012, she said the journey has been really fruitful and she was privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with Habib Jewels.

She said jewellery designing is a “tough yet rewarding” field as it requires a certain level of intelligence to be able to understand the whole concept.

“Jewellery is a movement, it doesn’t stop and we as designers, need to make sure that it sits nicely on all women,” said a determined Lanzoni.

“During the days when I was younger, my mum had a lot of fabric materials at home, and I was exposed to a lot of clothing that had various designs in it, which also explains my passion for designing,”she added.

In the past, Lanzoni worked as a Senior Designer for Garrard Fine Jewelry in London, where she worked closely with British jewelry designer, Stephen Webster on a wide variety of design projects.

Prior to Garrards, she designed for Asprey Fine Jewellery and helped launch their collections.

Key skills and values

“Persistency and quality are two important elements in jewellery designing,” said Ms. Tanya, who said that the selection of diamonds and careful craftsmenship is a top priority .

Meanwhile, Mr. Zarrudin said Habib is focused on quality and creativity, which in a way fits Limkokwing University’s core practices.

“It is our duty to make people happy with what they buy from us,” said Mr. Zarrudin.

“Habib has been partnering with HOF for over 20 years now, working on various design projects,” he said.

Zarrudin also said he was overwhelmed with the warm reception upon arrival at the campus, and that he felt like a teenager again, being surrounded by exciting, young people.

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