Global Campus @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Calendar & Fees

The Global University Campus programme offers a unique and immersive educational experience in London to both Limkokwing and non-Limkokwing students.

On Accommodations

The official accommodation covers twin sharing room for 14 nights. Students who wish to extend their stay in London beyond the programme duration must inform the Global University Campus team in advance. They will need to top-up for the extra nights, subject to prevailing room rates and availability.

On Booking Tickets

The programme dates may still change and students are strongly advised to confirm with their faculty and/or the Global University Campus team before booking their flight tickets.


Advanced Programme
April 09/04/18 – 20/04/18
May 04/05/18 – 25/05/18
June 11/06/18 – 22/06/18
July 09/07/18 – 20/07/18
September 03/09/18 – 14/09/18
October 08/10/18 – 19/10/18
November 05/11/18 – 16/11/18


Advanced Programme1
Included in the Package
Limkokwing Students
Non-Limkokwing Students
Accommodation (14 nights)*
Admin Fee
Research Tours
Industry Visits
Lectures, Workshops and Conferences by Industry Guest Speakers
Limkokwing Certificate

Total Fees
Not Included in the Package
Return flight tickets
2 week travel card (Zones 1-4)
UK Visa (only if required)
Travel and medical insurance*
Food expenses= Average meal
£5- £10
£5- £10
Total Estimated Expenses

( * ) - Optional
( 1 ) - 14 nights

Getting Ready

Before you arrive

  • Apply to the programme online
  • Pay the tuition fee
  • Apply and obtain your visa (if applicable)
  • Plan your budget
  • Book your plane ticket in a group of 10 or more students (to ensure airport pick up)
  • Obtain travel insurance
  • Pack your suitcase, hand luggage and all needed electrical device(s)
  • Attend a pre-departure briefing & ensure you are inside the London Whatsapp group

When you arrive

  • Access the free Wi-Fi at the airport
  • Tell your family you have arrived
  • Contact the University’s representative (if you’re in a group of 10 or more, you will have airport pick up and a member of staff waiting for you at the airport)
  • Sign your residence contract and check-in at accommodation
  • Be at reception at 10:30am the first Monday of the programme for a welcome and introduction to the programme

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