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Welcome to London

Download the free London Official City Guide App from Visit London for the very best of London on the go. Available for iPhone and Android.

Download London Travel Guide (PDF).
Download London Travel Guide iPhone and Android apps.

HAILO. The Black Cab App.

Use Hailo to get a black cab wherever you are, whenever you want. All it takes is two taps on your iPhone or Android Phone. Pay card or cash and get an email receipt instantly. Be Safe. Hailo works with London’s 23,000 trusted black cab drivers.

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Oyster Cards and Travelcards

Whether you're making a one-off trip to London or you're a regular visitor, using an Oyster Card is the easiest way to access London's public transport network.

An Oyster card is the fastest, smartest and most cost-effective way to pay for single journeys on the bus, Tube, DLR, tram, Thames Clippers, the Emirates Airline and most National Rail services.

Oyster is an electronic smartcard ticket. Simply touch your card on the yellow reader to get through the Tube gates or board other London public transport services. It doesn't even need to be removed from your purse or wallet to work.

Travelcards and Bus Passes

If you're travelling regularly, a London Travelcard or Bus Pass can easily be loaded onto your Oyster. Travelcards and Bus Passes can be purchased for 1 day (Travelcards only), 1 week, 1 month or 1 year's travel. You can combine a Travelcard or Bus Pass with pre-pay Oyster credit to ensure you get the best value for money on your London travel tickets.

Oyster Pay-as-You-Go (Pre-pay Oyster)

Oyster pay-as-you-go cards are charged with an amount of credit of your choice. You can make as many journeys as you like in a 24 hour period (4.30am-4.30am) and you will be charged less than you would pay for a paper ticket.

If you make lots of journeys, the Oyster card will automatically cap the day's charges at the price of an equivalent 1-Day Travelcard. The aim is to ensure that Oyster always charges the lowest fare. Where it doesn't, you can get a refund.

London Transport Zones and Ticket Prices

The cost of a single journey or multiple-trip Travelcard will depend on which zones you need to travel through.

London is split into 9 zones, with Zones 1 and 2 in Central London and Zones 6-9 covering the outer edge of the capital. Make sure your Oyster has enough credit, or that you purchase the right ticket to cover your entire journey to avoid a fine.

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