Jesslyn Ng of T-Systems: Kanban methodology for agile systems

4 December 2017

Jesslyn Ng of T-Systems: Kanban methodology for agile systems

Students from the Faculty of Information & Communication Technology learned about Agile IT Operations from T-Systems Malaysia Head of Quality, ITO Shell Global & ITO, Jesslyn Ng at the T-Systems Industry Talk held on 26 October 2017 in Cyberjaya.

Jesslyn has 14 years of IT working experience in Multinational Corporation (MNC) and has previously worked with CSC, IBM and Shell IT before joining T-Systems in 2008.

She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), ITILv3 expert and holds an Honours Degree in Computer Science from Coventry University. She has held multiple roles throughout her career and has brought more than a decade of experience in project management, IT infrastructure outsourcing, large scale migration and deployments, and operations management before taking the role of Head of Quality at T-Systems Malaysia.

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Jesslyn introduced students to the effectiveness of using the Kanban method, a scheduling system that enables optimum efficiency. Kanban is a method used for defining, managing and improving the company’s services which delivers value to customers while providing knowledge work to management.

“This agile method helps us to be flexible and respond to our customers and business needs,” she said.

“Agile often refers to a set of practises,” she added while explaining that the Kanban method provides company managers with a visual layout of the work progress from start to finish while enabling staff to focus on priority tasks.

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“At the same time, it helps us to develop the organisation and the people into thinking of new ways of improvement.”

Jesslyn also included various activities for students to experience it for themselves.

“It is very important that students gain industry exposure as what they learn today from books and theories are not enough,” she explained. “Students should take as many opportunities as possible to gain experience.”

“We hope that through industry talks and sharing our experience, it will help the students to know what the real world is,” she added.


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