Limkowing Maseru Campus @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing Lesotho

Limkokwing University understands the national aspirations of Vision 2020 and we are here to create a new breed of young people with our new teaching methodologies - out-of-the-box thinking skills, innovative mindsets and creativity to reshape the future of Lesotho.

Limkokwing University brings out the best in young people so they are empowered to transform the impossible into the possible. This is what Limkokwing University wants to imbue in every Mosotho determined to change his or her life through a 21st century education. With a ready supply of talented human capital, Lesotho is close to connecting with the global economy. With more investors attracted to Lesotho, especially in developing its water-based industries, tourism and mining, there will always be a great demand for Basotho graduates with the latest industry skills to meet the needs of international industrialists.

A stimulating campus environment

Creativity is a mental process needed to respond to the tremendous challenges that all of us face in today's fast-paced world. Creativity can be nurtured in the individual, something that Limkokwing University has been doing for almost two decades. Limkokwing University Lesotho is a campus where learning will be integrated to produce graduates with cutting-edge industry skills imbued with the spirit of enterprise. The campus environment will be one that stimulates and enhances creative thinking and provides ample opportunities for the development of broader mindsets that will favour the student's drive to excel in every endeavour.

Limkokwing Lesotho, through Limkokwing Malaysia, will benefit from its International Advisory Board Representation from world-class universities. This will provide the direction that enables the university to conduct programmes that match world standards, provide the worldwide recognition and enable global transferability.

A complete education

To face the challenges of this century, Lesotho must consolidate its limited human capital resources and transform it into an unlimited source of power to move forward. In today's world, education is not just about getting the right qualifications; it is also about developing appropriate talents and potential of an individual. At Limkokwing University, it is our responsibility to ensure that our students are given every opportunity to get the best academic qualifications as well as a variety of activities that will develop their talents through industry-related projects as well as extra-curricular involvement that will build their confidence. The next phase of the country's growth can be shaped by today's generation of Basotho.

Official Opening of Limkokwing Lesotho

Africa witnessed another opening of a Limkokwing campus when Limkokwing Lesotho was launched on 15 October 2008, after its successful foray into Botswana last year.

With the opening, the education landscape in the Kingdom of Lesotho witnessed the transformation of its tertiary education and the empowerment of its young generation with creative learning.

The new campus was launched by the Right Honourable the Prime Minister Mr. Pakalitha Mosisili. The occasion marked the first entry of a Malaysian university into Lesotho and the establishment of Limkokwing's second campus in Africa.

Tan Sri Dato' Dr Lim Kok Wing in his speech, delivered by Datuk Parid Wardi, thanked the Lesotho Government for its full support. He also acknowledged that Africans are among the most creative people in the world.

The campus maintains Limkokwing's culture of excellence recognised at its campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

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