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eSwatini has outlined its vision for the future in Vision 2022, a blueprint for the country's concerted efforts to revamp and accelerate the development of human resources in the country.

eSwatini: achieving global standards in human capital development

Vision 2022 sits at the core of eSwatini's goal to create a sustainable economy and improve its world standing in human development. eSwatini's economy, traditionally reliant on agriculture and manufacturing, must embrace a new age of technological innovation and spur the growth of knowledge-based industries within the country and create new opportunities previously unavailable.

Among key strategies include the need to build the nation's capacity for innovation and competitive participation in the globalised economy. It is, therefore, imperative that the nation builds its human capital in a manner that will enable the nation to venture successfully into the production of goods and services. And at the same time address poverty issues by empowering its next generation to take advantage of opportunities now arising globally in the area of new technologies and creative content creation.

Limkokwing: empowering a new generation of creative and innovative Swazi

The Limkokwing University is a global institution of higher education that is changing the way people are educated worldwide. We feel very strongly that every country is different with dissimilar priorities. Therefore education must play its part to ensure that the next generation of a country receives learning that will prepare it adequately to participate in building the economies of its countries. The world is using technology not only to interact but also to generate wealth. Technology must now become a vital part of every young personÔÇÖs education in eSwatini.

The Limkokwing University in Mbabane will be a campus where our Swazi students will be able to acquire industry relevant skills in addition to learning that emphasizes creativity, talent development and leadership qualities. We nurture our graduates to become responsible adults who will contribute to the well-being of an industry by using creative thinking to solve problems and provide fresh new perspectives to build the business.

Building digital skills to expand eSwatini's economy

We are here in Mbabane with a mission to transform Swazi into confident, skilled, techno-savvy individuals who can contribute to build eSwatini's economy by expanding it with new industries. These will be industries that are increasingly being managed by young people with the digital skills to operate a global business from their laptops. Limkokwing has the flexibility to build entrepreneurial skills through an exciting, stimulating campus environment purposefully built to stimulate creativity and innovation.

To face the challenges of this country, eSwatini must consolidate its limited human capital resources and transform them into unlimited sources of power to move forward. In today's world education is not just about getting the right qualifications, it is also about developing appropriate talents of an individual. At Limkokwing University it is our responsibility to ensure that our students are given every opportunity to get the best academic qualifications as well as develop their talents through special projects as extracurricular involvement that will build their confidence. The next phase of the country's growth can be shaped by today's generation of Swazi; they must grab the golden opportunity to acquire the best of 21st century education and professional skills and so transform eSwatini into a beacon of light in the African continent.

Learning that will broaden your mind and unlock your creative potential

Limkokwing University focuses on creativity and innovation to equip students with leadership and entrepreneurial skills to develop new businesses. Today, thousands of Limkokwing graduates are playing active roles in many important aspects of nation-building in their home countries. Here is your opportunity to acquire an internationally recognized qualification at one of the world's most innovative institutions of higher education.

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