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Limkokwing Botswana

Botswana's future lies in its ability to educate its young generation to provide leadership that fits in with the global changes.

Empowering the next generation with the ability to create and originate will enable Batswana youths to utilize new opportunities offered by globalisation. Botswana has much to offer the world. Globalisation and the emergence of the creative economy make every Batswana a stakeholder in building the future of the country.

A complete education to build skills, knowledge and confidence

In today's world, education is not just about getting the right qualifications, it is also neccessary to develop talent and the full potential of an individual.

At Limkokwing we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our students are given every opportunity to get the best academic qualifications as well as variety of activities that will develop their talents through industry-related projects as well as exra-curricular involvement that will build confidence.

The campus environment to stimulate creativity

Creativity is a mental process needed to respond to the tremendous challenges that we face in the fast-paced world that we live in today. Creativity can be nurtured in the individual, something that Limkokwing has been doing for more than a decade.

Facts & figures

Limkokwing University Botswana maintains the tradition of attracting international students from inside and outside the region. The inaugural intake of Limkokwing Botswana students included students from 9 countries throughout Africa.

List of countries on campus
Malawi Swaziland Ethiopia Lesotho Spain
Zimbabwe Kenya Djibouti Namibia

Official Opening of Limkokwing Botswana

Limkokwing spread its wings to Botswana with its launch of Limkokwing Botswana on 14 May 2007.

The establishment made by Limkokwing University in Gaborone has placed Botswana in a global community and geared the African country's efforts in building a more educated and informed nation by 2016.

It was also seen as an opportunity for many young Batswana to acquire digital skills in new media and knowledge that will get them into exciting 21st century careers.

Botswana's former President HE Mr Fetus Mogae, who hailed Limkokwing University, described the opening as an "exciting" chapter in the development of tertiary education in Botswana.

"The students here are so inspired, it is impressive," he said during his tour at the Limkokwing Botswana campus.

Also present during the ceremony was Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato Dr Lim Kok Wing and Botswana's Education Minister, Hon. Jacob Nkate.

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