Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Information and Communication Technology

Faculty of Information & Communication Technology JPT/BPP (R/523/6/0066) 11/16

Like the Internet, network applications have made a tremendous impact on industry, commerce, education and society. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of many aspects of network computing using new and established techniques and software tools. This programme provides students with a solid foundation in Internet networking, telecommunication systems and mathematical principles. Students are equipped with the knowledge of setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining a network. They learn hands-on skills such as configuring a switch. This programme will develop their skills in information communication technology principles and design to enable them to specify and develop network communication systems solutions. Students will become familiar with the different technologies currently available, and upon completion of this programme, they will be able to specify and manage the implementation of a range of networking systems.

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Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Communication Theory & Study Skills JAVA Programming 1
Fundamentals of Computer Systems Intro to Information Systems
Mathematics for Computing Data Communication
C++ Programming 1 Database System
Creative Studies Probability & Statistics
Multimedia Technology Business Communication Skills
Select One: Select One:
Co-Curriculum 1 Co-Curriculum 2
Malaysian Studies Moral Studies
Islamic Studies
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
System Development Methods & Tools Wireless Network
Computer Architecture Web Programming with JAVA
JAVA Programming 2 Network Design & Management
Mobile Systems Wireless Internet Application
Computer Network Information Technology Law
Discrete Structures Principles of Software Engineering
Select One: Global Classroom
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B
Co-Curriculum 3
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Major Project 1 Network Security & Testing
Software Project Management LAN Technology
Operating Systems High Speed Networks
Client/Server Architecture Major Project 2
Ethics & Professional Conduct Knowledge Management
Database Design & Management
Practical Internship
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