University Ambassadors @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

University Ambassadors

Multinational, multi-talented and smartly dressed, they are the elite University Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are an international group of students appointed by the presidential office, hand-picked to perform specific duties on and off the campus. There is no swearing-in ceremony, but each one of them is morally bound to serve the interests of fellow students, especially newcomers who need help in their adjustment to campus life at Limkokwing.

The Ambassadors receive visitors, brief parents about the course of study and introduce them to campus facilities. They organise cultural activities, play host at important events and take challenges in their stride along with other students on campus.

Cheerful and zealous, these Ambassadors proudly serve as university guides, event organisers, campus speakers, masters-of-ceremonies, communicators, administrative assistants, researchers and even performers. They are always ready to lend a hand in social, cultural, welfare and education activities. In many respects, they are the gems of the university. Their presence is strongly felt at the marketing department, on stage, among freshies and at important functions. Meet some of our Ambassadors:

  • Abd Alrahman Orabi

    Abd Alrahman Orabi

    Limkokwing University has provided for us the best multi-cultural environment I have ever seen. You can meet people from all around the world, from whom you get to know a lot about the world and how beautiful it is! I think it's impossible to meet this number of countries in one place other than Limkokwing University.

    Syria, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Abdul Rahman Hatta

    Abdul Rahman Hatta

    Limkokwing is the best decision I ever made. Compared to other local universities, Limkokwing is so far the best place to study and experience student life. This university allows me to express myself positively and I hope I’ll be able to achieve my dream to become an architect. I love Limkokwing!

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Architectural Technology

  • Aisath Maisha

    Aisath Maisha

    Limkokwing University has not only provided me with an enjoyable environment for creative and quality education, but has also paved so many pathways for me to achieve the means to a better life. The warmth and colours of the university campus, along with the amazing friends that I have had the pleasure of getting to know, makes me almost forget that I am 2000 miles away from home. The enormous multicultural student population is amazing. The astounding unity among us creates an example not just for Malaysia, but for the entire world to see. Limkokwing University has somehow become a lifestyle that all of us try to live up to and I am honoured to be serving as a Student Ambassador of Maldives in Limkokwing University.

    Maldives, Cyberjaya Campus Diploma in Architectural Technology

  • Akram Ahmed Salim

    Akram Ahmed Salim

    I don’t know how to start to describe how much I like being part of such a diverse university , it’s such a refreshing feeling to be able to go to your classes and not only learn new things about your course work but also learn about other cultures at the same time. I feel blessed because as a student ambassador I can connect and make friends from literally all over the world. It is such a great thing to be able to look at our different backgrounds and yet still we are able to get along. We are different yet we somehow we manage to go through similar experiences. You may ask me what makes Limkokwing University so special. Limkokwing gives us the platform to embrace our culture and not shy away from it. I will forever be thankful because Limkokwing gave me new family members from all the corners of the world .

    Oman, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia

  • Alisya Purti Salsabil

    Alisya Purti Salsabil

    Before Limkokwing I was a very shy person that lacked the confidence to go through life. I didn't know what was coming! Now that I realized Limkokwing has opened many doors to so many opportunities for people like myself. I met various people from various countries. Limkokwing has given me the amazing diverse experience that I will never regret getting!

    Indonesia, Cyberjaya Campus Diploma in Multimedia, Advertising & Broadcasting

  • Andy Heng Wee Xiang

    Andy Heng Wee Xiang

    Just be yourself! This is one of the most precious lessons I’ve learnt in Limkokwing, from one of the best lecturers I’ve ever met. Be comfortable in being yourself because you are unique just the way you are!

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Architectural Technology

  • Ann Cassandra Alexander

    Ann Cassandra Alexander

    Limkokwing University has given me the opportunity to showcase my talent and I definitely believe that it can bring me further, compared to other local universities. The most important thing that I learn here is to always be myself and I’m positive that someday, I’ll be one of the best fashion designers around.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design

  • Ashita Jha

    Ashita Jha

    I can proudly say today that I have friends from all across the globe. The extravagant enthusiastic attitude and personalities of everyone around be it teachers or peers automatically gives positivity and motivation to do something innovative, out of the box. It’s a place that allows me to be myself at my best. I love being here and I believe I will come out a successful, confident and independent individual from here. It is a place where I can LEARN, DREAM AND CREATE.

    India, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Ayesha Hakura Baig

    Ayesha Hakura Baig

    Being part of multi-cultural university has truly been once in a lifetime experience. Limkokwing University is a unique blend of great mentors and amazing cultures which I have never seen before. It has not only provided me with an enjoyable atmosphere and quality education but has also made me the person I am today. Limkokwing University has given me a brand new perspective on creativity and innovation. It has taught me that creativity has no boundaries and that achievements have no limits if you set your mind to it.

    Japan, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

  • Brice Kbidi

    Brice Kbidi

    Being a student at Limkokwing University has been a very nice experience; this university allows you to meet students from all over the world. People are the greatest source of cultural study. Limkokwing is the perfect place to open up to one another and to gain life experience. Thanks to Limkwoking which allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.

    France, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business

  • Carolin Guenther

    Carolin Guenther

    I have had the opportunity to learn, share and gain so much for being part of Limkokwing’s brand of cross cultural education. This truly the world in one place, a place where you learn how to make your dreams come true. This has been a life changing experience for me as an exchange student from Germany, It has pushed my limits and thought me so much about myself.

    Germany, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Professional Communication

  • Cindy Chern Li Tze

    Cindy Chern Li Tze

    Limkokwing University is definitely one of the best. Every day is a new learning experience alongside all the wonderful lecturers and friends I knew along the way. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful university.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design

  • Darren Wong Hong Seng

    Darren Wong Hong Seng

    Being here in Limkokwing has changed my life tremendously. The orientation was amazing and I get to meet amazing new friends. Joining the Music & Choir club has also been a right decision for me because not only do I get to express myself with music, I also get to meet so many different people with different tastes in music.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Denise Chuah

    Denise Chuah

    Being part of Limkokwing University has opened my view to the world. Learning along side people from different cultures has subconsciously ingrained in me many life lessons that I will never forget. All that I have been through here has stretched my range of knowledge unimaginably.

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Campus Professional Diploma in Performance Arts and Creativity

  • Dennise Vasquez

    Dennise Vasquez

    My experience here has been quite extraordinary, creating a feeling as if I were in another world. It does not feel like Malaysia itself or another country. But rather, as if the whole entire world came together in one place to fulfil their dreams. Here I get to interact with people from all over the world, making me more cultivated. I am excited to expand my horizons along with many great people.

    United States of America, Cyberjaya Campus

  • George Milios

    George Milios

    I’m very proud to being a part of a Limkokwing student. Being student ambassador is great experience in this university. This place has a truly diverse student community from all around the globe with so many stories and skill sets to share. This is truly a breeding ground for creativity.

    Greece, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia

  • Gladys Liew Tze Lian

    Gladys Liew Tze Lian

    Studying in Limkokwing has made me realize that I am capable of so much more. With the experiences that I have gained, confidence is built to reach greater heights.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Fashion and Retail Design

  • Ileana Quiroz

    Ileana Quiroz

    Limkokwing University has been an inspiration. I’ve gotten to meet new and wonderful friends and together we learn from the most encouraging lecturers. Learning here is definitely a wonderful experience.

    Philippines, Borneo Campus Diploma in Architectural Technology

  • Iliyas Joshnail

    Iliyas Joshnail

    As a student of the performing arts I am so grateful for being a part of Limkokwing University, this place generates opportunities to become anything you’ve always dreamed of! Here, students from all side of the globe all come together as one no matter what the occasion. Everyone in Limkokwing has become my extended family.

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Campus Professional Diploma in Performance Arts and Creativity

  • Infaz Mohammed

    Infaz Mohammed

    Stepping into the world’s most globalized university was the best decision I’ve made so far. Limkokwing University offers you more than just education. Practicality joined with creativity with tones of colorful events in the calendar every year is one of the unique aspects of this university. Being an ambassador in a challenging environment gives me the opportunity to be a part of the many brilliant workable ideas and prepare myself for the real world and for a better future.

    Sri Lanka, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Iniobong Etok

    Iniobong Etok

    Coming to Limkokwing University has offered me great opportunities. These opportunities range from cultural, social to educational. I have been given the opportunity to experience cross-intercontinental delights in terms of culture and food. I have met people from different countries and this has enriched my perspective on various lifestyles. Educationally, Limkokwing has gradually nurtured me to be a world-class innovator and thinker ready and able for any future pursuit. It has been awesome all the way.

    Nigeria, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Iyla Hussein

    Iyla Hussein

    Limkokwing University has not only given me a chance to learn, create and experience; it has helped me find my identity. Being around people from countries I had only read about has taught me so much, not only about the world but, also myself. I have been given a platform to represent my country, my rich heritage and most of all I have been given the priceless gift of opportunity- to change perceptions, to meet some of the world’s greatest minds and to build the life I have dreamt of. I hold my head up high as I represent my university, my country, my family and myself. This is my second home, and part of my heart will always reside here.

    United Kingdom, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Professional Communication

  • James Zabedee Empati

    James Zabedee Empati

    Studying at Limkokwing Borneo has truly given me the exposure I needed. Every day I am getting more and more confident. The environment around the campus is never dull; there will always be events and people having fun. It is an enjoyable and stimulating surrounding for me.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Animation & Multimedia Design

  • Jessica Arroyo Vazquez

    Jessica Arroyo Vazquez

    When people ask why I decided to study in Limkokwing all the way on the other side of the world, my mind goes back to three years ago when the first time I came to Malaysia, I ended up visiting Limkokwing. All I can say is that since that day, I fell in love with the place and the multicultural environment that this university has.

    Mexico, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Kelly Ng Yen Fong

    Kelly Ng Yen Fong

    Being in Mass Communication helps me to become more confident with myself. I get to know more people, broadening my network at the same time gaining more knowledge. Limkokwing has helped to open up many opportunities that enables me to soar higher.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Khalid Abu Radi

    Khalid Abu Radi

    Students usually go to university to gain knowledge, but this university provides you with lifetime experience. Limkokwing University changed our view on what a university should be like. Limkokwing helped me improve myself in many aspects which I was never aware I could. It also guided us to share the awareness in our generation about humanity in this world. Through the experiences that I gained in now I am on the path that leads me to my successful future career. I wouldn't be who I am today if I was not a Limkokwing student.

    Palestine, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship

  • Khuth Manita

    Khuth Manita

    I Initially came to Malaysia as a global exchange student at Limkokwing University. I had never expected to be able to transfer my study here. During my first semester, I discovered that Limkokwing University truly provides students with an enjoyable environment, lifestyle, quality education, creativity and innovation. I decided to continue studying here because I fell in love with the international environment, seeing all cultures in one place. I love being in a place where I can be independent by living on my own. Becoming a Limkokwing student made me a better person. I am more confident sharing my abilities with all the international friends without any fear. I feel honoured to be a student ambassador of Cambodia and to be able to represent my country. By being here I have received more chances to exchange cultures and explore the entire world in one place.

    Cambodia, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship

  • Lorna Lo Shu Jiun

    Lorna Lo Shu Jiun

    Limkokwing is the best decision I’ve ever made. The way the lecturers in Limkokwing Sarawak teach encourages us to be ourselves. Proud to be a Limkokwing student!

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Graphic Design

  • Louis Stanley De Rozario

    Louis Stanley De Rozario

    I came to Limkokwing because I was looking for a place where I can express my individuality and creativity. It’s just so amazing here and it’s definitely the place where I belong. People here are family and I absolutely adore them. I love this place and I hope to be able to repay it one day, one way or another. Limkokwing rocks!

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Architectural Technology

  • Louisa Grotkamp

    Louisa Grotkamp

    Limkokwing University has been a life changing learning experience ever since I arrived. The life lessons I have learned during my time as a student have shaped me and the spirit here has let me strive for higher things by believing in myself and showing me what options I have out there in the industry. Also, Limkokwing University is multiculturalism at its best! The people that I met taught me so much about the different parts of the world, their home, and more importantly became the most incredible friends I could have ever asked for. I am very honoured to be representing and serving my country as a student ambassador in this environment. It is a truly fascinating experience.

    Germany, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Professional Communication

  • Martha Hermann

    Martha Hermann

    I am very keen on diversity because it helps us grow as people and Limkokwing truly has been a great experience for me so far. The energy that I feel on campus truly does fuel and rejuvenate my creative spirit. I can feel my confidence in myself growing as I am thrown into challenges and hands-on work that make me think on my feet and out of the box.

    Namibia, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Matheo Laruccia

    Matheo Laruccia

    Until I came to Limkokwing my whole life experience was being limited to my friends and family back in my home country. I was bound to a comfort zone which did not encourage me enough to become the best. Limkokwing has presented me with the opportunity of a lifetime: to come to a completely different part of the globe to pursue my studies with people from all over the world, while learning my desired profession, and taking part in the active development of the university as a Student Ambassador. I can't really explain how this experience has affected me so far, apart from roughly describing it as the most social and academically-enriching experience I’ve had in my life.

    United States of America, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital Film & Television

  • Mehrin Sultana

    Mehrin Sultana

    This has truly been the opportunity of my dreams! This university has also given me a chance to represent my home nation proudly. The experiences I have gained will forever change my approach to life. Thank you Limkokwing!

    Bangladesh, Cyberjaya Campus Diploma in Fashion and Retail Design

  • Mira Ohm

    Mira Ohm

    Finally being here in Malaysia and at the campus is totally different than I expected. You are literally able to feel the energy around the campus which gets you to push yourself as far as possible to be the best. Besides providing this kind of positive and influential energy, Limkokwing University is full of people from all over the world. You get to meet people with the varying backgrounds and cultures which gets you to be more open minded and to grow as a person and, in my opinion, to be a better person.

    Germany, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business

  • Mohammad Rizal Al Syafiq

    Mohammad Rizal Al Syafiq

    Limkokwing University is like a second home. Being on campus really makes me happy because everyone is friendly and that includes all the lecturers and general staff. As a Fashion Design student, I get many inspirations from the other students because each of them has their own style. It is interesting to see how I get inspired with my other friends’ artworks who come from different courses such as Architecture, Graphic Design and even Animation.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Fashion and Retail Design

  • Nadhir Asyraf B. Nazaruddin

    Nadhir Asyraf B. Nazaruddin

    Being in Limkokwing has exposed me to many new experiences and challenges that are both enjoyable and stressful but all of it is worth it. I’ve become a much better person than I was a couple of years ago and it’s all thanks to Limkokwing.

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Nadia Metassan

    Nadia Metassan

    I am so fortunate to be part of this University with its accommodating staff and comforting ambience. Being a student ambassador, I feel so proud to have the opportunity to entertain well known personalities and exchange views with knowledgeable people . Having academic qualification is very important in this day and age but what ive gained most from being here is creativity which allows me to walk tall and live in the fast lane. Limkokwing University has both to offer!

    Brunei, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Noreen Mumtaz Gulwani

    Noreen Mumtaz Gulwani

    I am proud to represent my country at this one of a kind university which is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. The school at any given time is engulfed with positivity and energy and here your professional relationships thrive into long lasting friendship and you leave with memories you will probably cherish for a lifetime!

    Pakistan, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Nuha Abdulrahmen

    Nuha Abdulrahmen

    Back home university means only studying but here in Limkokwing it is so much more than that. Here I have fun studying, working and building a new world of thinking. With class excursions, event and projects which are full of excitement and new people it would make anyone want to be in my place. Before I was quiet and hesitant towards taking new steps in my life but thanks to Limkokwing I have the courage and my eyes and soul were opened to the potential that I didn’t know I had within me.

    Yemen, Cyberjaya Campus Master of Business Administration in Project Management

  • Nur Rawina Abdul Wahab

    Nur Rawina Abdul Wahab

    Life in Limkokwing is an amazing, awesome, and epic experience. I get to meet all kind of races and at the same time learn about their cultures. I love Limkokwing very much because I also get the chance to expose myself to the world!

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Obaida  Mazen Al Melkhim

    Obaida Mazen Al Melkhim

    Visiting the whole world in one day seemed to be impossible, till the day I joined Limkokwing University. I was amazed by the environment this university offers to each and every student. I now have a family from all over the world studying with me under the same roof sharing their knowledge and cultures.

    Russia, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  • Pola Kimena

    Pola Kimena

    During my first year, Limkowing University has proved to be an amazing platform that caters to my passions, and hobbies. Through its numerous events, to the creative approaches in which we tackle assignments in and out of class, this university has been able to keep me busy at all times, leaving no room for boredom. Through its diverse communities as well, this University has also exposed me to amazing cultures that I had never even heard of, but have now come love. I have indeed become very fond of this university, and the many friends I have come to know. I am very thankful to be here studying, and having a blast with these great minds, and characters.

    Zambia, Cyberjaya Campus Foundation in Design

  • Puteri Sara Bte. Anuar

    Puteri Sara Bte. Anuar

    I am so proud to have made the right decision to further my studies here. Limkokwing is the best!

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Rebecca Anjuman Dhunputh

    Rebecca Anjuman Dhunputh

    Before I arrived at Limkokwing University I had been told that it allows their students to be themselves and encourage them to think out of the box, to share all their different perspective and experience from around the globe. I thought to myself if such a place exists I want to be part of it! I must say I was not deceived. I joined Limkokwing in July 2012, and this place is even better than imagined. Take it from someone who comes from a multicultural country, I’m impressed. A truly global university that allows the sharing of knowledge, culture, traditions, beliefs, experiences, languages all without prejudices. Well, I’m just an interior architecture student but when I graduate I’m leaving with an amazing life experience worth more than just my certificate.

    Mauritius, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

  • Ren Banying

    Ren Banying

    I am so glad to be student ambassador of China in our Limkokwing university. This position raises me up and I have gotten more independent from all the experiences it puts me through. Limkokwing University has broadened my horizons and expanded my opportunities and knowledge. Before I came to Limkokwing University, I have never met so many different nationalities. I am representing my country as a student ambassador and I feel proud to share my knowledge with the people around me. Being here I have learned how to understand my part in the world using the skills I have. I have also been taught, not so much of what to think, but how to think, and this is the true measure of my education. There will always be a place in my heart for Limkokwing University even after I graduate because this is where I have grown up and gained most of my knowledge and friends.

    China, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

  • Ricardo Pardo

    Ricardo Pardo

    Being a Student Ambassador of Limkokwing is a great experience not just because you are part of the university but because you meet people from all parts of the world, share ideas, and work as a big team. In the end, everyone ends up being your friend or your family—which is a great feeling when you're 11,000 miles away from home.

    Colombia, Cyberjaya Campus Foundation in Fashion

  • Roberta Schneiders

    Roberta Schneiders

    Being in Asia for almost six years brought me wonderful experiences, especially when I entered Limkokwing University. In this environment, I met people from all over the world who taught me that besides our differences, we can all peacefully come together as one!

    Brazil, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Management (3+0)

  • Saif Al Deen Yehya

    Saif Al Deen Yehya

    For me, being a Limkokwing University student means a lot more than just having the title of a student. I got to learn about many things besides the knowledge that I obtained in my major. I get to mix with different people from different places which gives me more knowledge on how to deal with everything in my life from a personal to a professional standpoint.

    Iraq, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  • Syed Ashraf Edruce

    Syed Ashraf Edruce

    I have always been intrigued with buildings ever since I was a child. Never in my life have I thought of becoming a student here because everyone is so creative, friendly and helpful. Venturing in a new world will always be exciting and fun. I can’t wait to make memories and stamp a mark in college.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Architectural Technology

  • Tanisha Demour

    Tanisha Demour

    Studying in Limkokwing University of Creativity Technology has always been in my heart and mind since I was in high school. I learned that in order to be a shining star in any field, I need to always believe in myself and go for what I’m aiming for in life.

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Tarik Alsabbagh

    Tarik Alsabbagh

    My experience here has been exceptional. Limkokwing University gives you the chance to meet people from all around the world in one place, granting you the ability to see the world from different perspectives and thoughts. This has been an unforgettable life-changing journey that I will never forget.

    Syria, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  • Ugne Bazyte

    Ugne Bazyte

    I came to Limkokwing University as an exchange student. During the semester, I fell in love with this place so much that I decided to transfer here as a full-time student. It's not a typical university that everyone is used to. It is the world in one place. It's the most international environment I have ever been to. It is a place of knowledge, creativity, fashion and most importantly it’s a place of peace. Everyone is equal here.

    Lithuania, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Valerie Liew Tze Yian

    Valerie Liew Tze Yian

    The reason I came to Limkokwing is because of their teachings which encourages people to experience a better visual in art and technology. I chose Graphic Design to enable myself to look more into art that Limkokwing has been showing to others.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Graphic Design

  • Waad Al-Marhoon

    Waad Al-Marhoon

    The best decision I've ever took apart from studying abroad was to join Limkokwing University! It's truly a place worth crossing half the world for. It makes you feel like you belong here. It allows you to explore your own self and expand without any limits. I personally don't consider myself studying in Malaysia, it’s more like studying in many different countries at the same time!

    Bahrain, Cyberjaya Campus Foundation in Business

  • Wafa Ibrahim Abdullah Yassin

    Wafa Ibrahim Abdullah Yassin

    What makes Limkokwing University special is its unique environment; here what we got is not just knowledge but also the ability and experience. I am amazed at how everyone is friendly and willing to mingle with each other. It brings together people of multi-cultural ethnicity under one roof.

    Eritrea, Cyberjaya Campus

  • Walliyaddin A.Khalik

    Walliyaddin A.Khalik

    Being a student in Limkokwing gives me a very wide exposure in pursuing my dream to become a war correspondent. I feel grateful to be given such opportunities to explore a different kind of environment and educational approach. Personally, Limkokwing is the place if you are looking for positive distinctiveness to earn yourself a spot and gain the right experiences for your future.

    Malaysia, Borneo Campus Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Yasmine Salem

    Yasmine Salem

    Art has always been my passion. Here at every corner of Limkokwing university you can find expression and creativity ranging from paintings to music to poetry. This is a very multicultural university and therefore I am able to grow and gain the ultimate experience. As a student ambassador, I am not only benefiting from studying but also gaining knowledge and understanding about what's it like to work as a team and open my eyes to important social matters. I am very proud to have been selected to represent my country.

    Egypt, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Multimedia

  • Yazan Katramiz

    Yazan Katramiz

    Limkokwing University is a pioneer in global education. It offers way more than the conventional means of education, its a place which gives you the opportunity to learn about culture and and to truly experience the complexity of life that will be beneficial for one’s future. Being a student in Limkokwing was the best choice I have ever made and im looking forward to graduating from the university as an industrial designer.

    Syria, Cyberjaya Campus Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Industrial Design

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