10-Ten Convenience Store maxWidth=

10-Ten Convenience Store

Amphitheatre maxWidth=


Architecture Gallery maxWidth=

Architecture Gallery

Boardroom maxWidth=


Branding Innovation Centre maxWidth=

Branding Innovation Centre

Campus maxWidth=


Campus Radio Station maxWidth=

Campus Radio Station

Car Park maxWidth=

Car Park

Computer Labs maxWidth=

Computer Labs

Design Exploration Gallery maxWidth=

Design Exploration Gallery

Fashion Workshop maxWidth=

Fashion Workshop

Fitofly maxWidth=


Hall of Fame maxWidth=

Hall of Fame

Library maxWidth=


Lifestyle Design Salon maxWidth=

Lifestyle Design Salon

Limkokwing Creativity Library maxWidth=

Limkokwing Creativity Library

Limkokwing Plaza maxWidth=

Limkokwing Plaza

One World Club maxWidth=

One World Club

Photography Lab maxWidth=

Photography Lab

Sound & Music Design Studio maxWidth=

Sound & Music Design Studio

Swimming Pool maxWidth=

Swimming Pool

Walk of Fame maxWidth=

Walk of Fame

Wellness Centre maxWidth=

Wellness Centre

Wi-Fi Service maxWidth=

Wi-Fi Service

Wings 3D Prototyping maxWidth=

Wings 3D Prototyping

Wings Art & Print Shop maxWidth=

Wings Art & Print Shop

Wings Café maxWidth=

Wings Café

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