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Immigration Information

Kindly note that these policies are by the Malaysian Immigration Department and students are to strictly abide to them. Please read the website regularly to keep up to date with changes to the immigration law.

Immigration Policies

Please read through all the information carefully to minimize delay and other problems that may arise regarding your Student Pass. Alternatively, you may consult our Admissions team or email ( for assistance.

Requirements for New International Students:

You must have a minimum validity of 18 months (1 1⁄2 year) in your passport in order to apply for a Student Pass.

Procedure for New International Students:

  • To apply for your Student Pass, please coordinate and send all the necessary documents to the University’s admissions team ( Please note that the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) processing will take 6 to 8 weeks after you submit your complete set of documents.
  • Once approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, you may download your eVAL from EMGS website (
  • All new students from countries that require visa to enter Malaysia MUST go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy (preferably in your home country) to obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) before entering Malaysia. Please refer to this link ( to check if your country requires SEV.
  • For countries that do not require SEV, you are required to produce the eVAL upon arrival.
  • The eVAL is valid for only six (6) months. You should obtain your Single Entry Visa and enter Malaysia at least one (1) month before your eVAL expires.
  • Once you obtain your Single Entry Visa and have made your travel arrangements, inform the University at least seven (7) working days before your flight date. Please bring along a copy of your eVAL.
  • Upon arrival in Malaysia, you must undergo a medical screening within seven (7) days at an EMGS panel clinic (
  • You can download the medical forms from here (
  • Once completed, submit your passport to the International Office at least fourteen (14) working days before your Entry Stamp to Malaysia expires (please make sure the EMGS status has reached 80%).
  • The International Office will submit your passport to EMGS for Student Pass endorsement. The endorsement process may take approximately 3-7 working days to be completed.
  • Should you fail your medical screening, an appeal has to be made at the same panel clinic and is subjected to the approval from the EMGS.
  • You are responsible to perform the medical screening and submit your passport to the International Office within the stipulated time or it will cause insufficient time for EMGS to process your Student Pass endorsement. If you submit your passport after the expiry date, it is considered as overstaying.

  • You must abide by Malaysian law at all times

  • Any actions that are considered illegal under the Immigration Ordinance 1959, the Immigration Rules and Regulations 1963, or any other laws, or that could impact your studies, are considered misconduct.
  • In addition, it is a serious offense for a student to possess, supply, distribute, offer, or prepare any drugs or poisons as defined in the Dangerous Drug Act 1952, or to engage in any form of drug abuse.
  • Please note that you must also adhere to all rules and regulations enforced by the institution.

Variation and Progression

Please take note that the approval for changing of programme is upon discretion from the Malaysia Immigration Department (MID). Normally the MID will request additional documents such as current examination result, record of attendance and other required documents.

The MID have the right to NOT APPROVE the new Visa and Pass (for change of programme) if they find that the current result is not satisfactory or any other reason that does not comply with the Immigration’s regulation.

To avoid any difficulty to the students, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has recommended that the application for a change of programme (variation or progression) for international students must get an approval VAL from EMGS /Malaysia Immigration Department before permission to register under the new programme is allowed by Limkokwing University.

Students must cancel their current pass to apply for a variation or progression in order to apply for a new programme.

There is a possibility that the Immigration Department will request the student to exit Malaysia while waiting for the new VAL to be approved.

  • Variation – Change course or Institution at same level of study (i.e Programme A to programme B at same level of study)
  • Progression – Applications for a higher level of studies upon completion of the current studies (i.e Master to PhD)

If your application for variation is rejected by EMGS/ Immigration Department of Malaysia, you are required to defer your studies and return to your home country. You will be required to apply for a new student pass and only allowed to come to Malaysia once the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been approved by EMGS/ Immigration.

You cannot register with the new programme until you get your VAL approval from Immigration. You may be advised to return to home country and defer your study if the visa approval from Immigration is delayed.

The requirement to exit Malaysia depends on the type of the pass you are holding at the time of application and expiry date on your current pass, as well as the University you are transferring to or from. To avoid overstay, we advise students to apply new VAL from home country.

Guidelines for Transfer Students from Other Colleges:

  • If you are a student who wishes to transfer to our University after receiving your student visa for another college, you will need to get the Immigration’s approval to cancel that visa. Students holding a valid pass under one college are not allowed to study in another.
  • Students who have less than three (3) days visa validity (shortened/special pass) need to leave the country upon submitting all relevant documents to our visa department. You must be outside Malaysia while waiting for your VAL to be approved.
  • Once approved by the Immigration, the University will send your VAL. You are required to go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy (preferably in your home country) to obtain a Single Entry Visa.
  • Except for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) students below 18 years old, students are not allowed to study under any kind of visa except student visa.

Cancellation of Student Pass

    1. Graduate/ Completion of Studies from LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY

    Students who have completed their studies must cancel their Student Pass.

    2. Deferment of Studies

  • If a student wishes to defer from their studies, they must first obtain approval from the University and cancel their Student Pass.
  • Those who have deferred for non-medical reasons are not eligible for renewal and must return to their home country.
  • To return to Malaysia, the student must apply for a new Student Pass and wait for the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to be approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • 3. Withdrawal or Termination from studies

    A student who withdraws from their study must inform Limkokwing University before leaving Malaysia. The Student Pass will be cancelled upon submission of passport, withdrawal letter from faculty, and confirmed flight ticket.

    4. Change Programme or Change University

  • If a student has accepted an admission offer letter from another institution, they must cancel their Student Pass at Limkokwing University.
  • Additionally, if a student changes their program within Limkokwing University, they are also required to cancel their current Student Pass and apply for variation/ progression to the new program.
  • Important Notes

  • If you want to change your pass from Dependent/ Employment Pass to a Student Pass, you must apply to cancel your current pass.
  • If you leave Malaysia without cancelling your Student Pass, it can have serious consequences if you later decide to apply to another university in Malaysia or for another visa in Malaysia.
  • The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) requires universities to report to the MOHE, Royal Malaysia Police, and Immigration Department of Malaysia if a student does not return, does not register, or goes missing without valid reason or prior permission from the university. In such cases, the student may be blacklisted by the Immigration Department of Malaysia and prevented from entering Malaysia.

Special Pass (SP) & Transfer Endorsement

A Special Pass is a temporary document issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. To obtain it, you need to consult with the International Office regarding the supporting documents required for submission along with your passport.
The pass is only valid for 27-30 days and is subject to certain conditions:
  • your current Student Pass has expired within the past 7 days,
  • or when you are converting from your current pass to other passes with insufficient time left on your current pass,
  • or if your current pass has expired while you are waiting for your Student Pass/ extension/ renewal application to be approved.

Please note that the Immigration Department of Malaysia will charge a fee for each Special Pass issued.

- First special pass : RM150
- Second and above special pass : RM200

When You Have a New Passport

If you have recently renewed your passport, it is necessary for you to transfer your Student Pass to the new passport. To do this, you must submit the following documents to the front desk of the International Office:
  • your old passport
  • your new passport
  • an affidavit letter from your embassy
  • and a receipt for payment of RM100 from the Bursary Department.

Check-out MEMO (C.O.M)

If you are a foreigner studying in Malaysia and you have completed your studies or are deferring them, you will need to obtain a Checkout Memo from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

This document facilitates the exit process for foreigners in Malaysia. It is mandatory for all students to obtain a Checkout Memo when cancelling their Student Pass.

To apply for a Checkout Memo, submit your passport and a confirmed flight ticket to the International Office at least fourteen (14) working days before flight date.


It is important to note that staying in Malaysia beyond the permitted duration is considered a serious offense and could result in detention and a fine. The Immigration Department of Malaysia has the authority to impose penalties for such violations.

If your Student Pass has expired and you have not renewed it yet, it is crucial that you promptly seek consultation at the International Office.

According to the Immigration Department of Malaysia: “A foreigner who stays in Malaysia exceeding the expiry date or cancellation of his or her Pass and who is in breach of S.15(1)(c) IA shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine of not less than ten thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both.”

Overstay Penalty Charges:

  • RM1700 - when overstaying from 1-6 months (for the 1st time)
  • RM2700 - when overstaying from 6-12 months (for the 1st time)
  • RM3700 - when overstaying for over 12 months (for the 1st time)
  • RM3700 - regardless of how long, when overstaying (for the 2nd time)

* Penalty fees shown are inclusive of administrative cost

Overstay Clearance Process

Please note that the overstay clearance process will be conducted by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, and it could take up to a month to be completed.

It's important to keep in mind that the Immigration Department of Malaysia may decide to issue you a Special Pass while you remain in Malaysia or ask you to return to your home country. You may also get blacklisted. Ultimately, the final decision lies solely with the Immigration Department of Malaysia and their discretion.

Student Pass Renewal

  • Monitoring the expiry date of the Student Pass is the student’s responsibility. As an international student, it is necessary to submit your visa renewal documents three (3) months before your current visa expires.
  • If you fail to renew your visa within 3 months after it expires, you will have to apply for a new Visa Approval Letter (VAL).
  • Non-compliance may result in overstaying in Malaysia, which carries a penalty ranging from RM1100 to RM3100, with an additional RM600 for administrative cost.
  • You must email all the required documents to the International Office at
  • EMGS and the Immigration Department of Malaysia will only approve the Student Pass renewal if students meet the following criteria;
    o attendance above 80%
    o CGPA above 2.00
    o renew the pass within 3 months before the current pass expires.
  • The Immigration Department of Malaysia reserves the right to extend or deny any Student Pass as seen fit.
  • If your application for renewal of Student Pass is rejected by the EMGS/ Immigration Department of Malaysia, you are required to defer your studies and return to your home country. You will be required to apply for a new Student Pass and are only allowed to come to Malaysia once the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • To keep track of your application status, kindly check EMGS website (
  • When your application reaches 90% on EMGS, you must enter Malaysia (if you are outside and your visa is still valid), submit your passport to the International Office for Student Pass endorsement, and register for the current semester.
  • Please be aware that if your EMGS supporting letter expires, you will need to pay RM 150 to renew it within three months of the expiry date.
    It is important to be aware that the Immigration Department of Malaysia can reject a visa renewal application due to unsatisfactory academic performance and attendance.

  • Working in Malaysia for International Students

    As an international student on a valid Student Pass, you are allowed to work part-time under certain conditions according to Immigration regulations.
  • part-time (for a maximum of 20 hours per week)
  • ONLY during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days
  • at restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets and hotels
  • working as an assistant only
  • no cashier or unethical jobs
  • Applications to work part-time must be made through the university by submitting the following documents:

  • Offer Letter from the University
  • Contract Letter from the company

  • Return Home/ Holiday

  • If you plan to travel home or go on vacation during the semester break, it's essential to send an email to the International Office with your exit stamp to ensure your visa status is up-to-date.
  • It is important to consult with your faculty regarding your academic status to ensure no issues arise.
  • Please ensure you have a valid Student Pass before returning back to Malaysia.

However, if your Student Pass has expired while you were outside Malaysia, you must apply for a new Visa Approval Letter (VAL) before returning to resume your studies.

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